Work is such a large part of our lives that it’s important to ensure that our working environment is conducive to a happy and healthy lifestyle. Both employers and employees share a responsibility to make sure this is the case.

But it’s not all about ergonomics, healthy-eating and stress surveys. It’s also about making sure that our workplaces are full of fun, laughter and friendship – because these factors are all critical when it comes to our wellbeing at work.

Robertson Cooper recently teamed up with BrightHR to produce the report into playtime in the workplace, ‘It Pays To Play’. The report explores the potential benefits and pitfalls of fun at work and concludes that, actually, not only do the positive emotions generated by fun help prevent stress, but they help us perform better at our jobs.

The report also contains a number of insights and recommendations as to how employers can authentically and cost-effectively introduce a culture of fun and positive wellbeing to their organisations. From team-building exercises like fund-raising days and bake-sales, to activities like yoga, board games and karaoke, you can read about the merits of each activity and the types of people who gravitate towards each one.

To download the report, click here.

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