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My uncle passed a few months ago. It came as a shock. He was diagnosed with lung cancer and underwent an operation to remove a section of his lung. He never recovered. It was (and still is) a sad time for his family, and his many, many friends. He was a prominent and hard-working member of his local church and Lions charity. He had not long sold his business and was looking forward to enjoying the retirement he and my aunt had worked so hard for.

Nothing prepares you for the loss of a loved one, even if you knew that they weren’t long for this world, or that death was a blessing given the suffering they endured. The grief we feel after someone dies is a normal part of life. It's difficult to escape. Grief will be felt to some degree, regardless of how close or not you are. But those who have passed aren't dead to us; they live on in our thoughts and memories. We talk about their life, the person they were, and the joy and sadness they brought. It helps us to heal.

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Over the last 10 years various academic studies highlighted in the media have focused attention on the costs imposed on business by illness and workplace injury.  A government report published in 2008 estimated cost of injury and illness at work to be £30 billion.  The cost to business of people turning up to work but not doing their jobs properly due to ill health or injury is thought to be double that figure. 

Studies also suggest that there is an association between obesity and lower productivity at work. One study estimated that lost productivity time (LPT) costs the US economy $42.29 billion annually. This was thought to be a conservative figure because studies which use BMI data rely on self-reported weight, which is often understated. The estimate also does not include the costs of recruiting and training new staff and the impact on co-workers' productivity.  

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Prying is the new helping

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My partner and I were heading home on the tram. It was busy and we were stood, or more correctly, squashed together in the isle. It was pleasant enough, with lively chatter from shoppers discussing their purchases, and partygoers excitedly planning their night out on the town. I was staring out of the window until my attention was drawn to my partner offering a tissue to a woman sat in front of us. She didn’t say anything to her; just noticed that she was upset and in need of a little help.

I stepped in and asked: “Are you OK?”

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In one of the closest campaign races in recent memory, many of us will be expecting to head into our local polling station on May 7 with a somewhat clear idea of which party we will be voting for – but what exactly are we voting for? Amid all the choreographed selfie-taking, mud-slinging and baby-kissing that dominates each party’s electoral campaign toolkit, it’s not exactly a straightforward answer.

Every five years we are asked to align ourselves with the personality of one party that best fits our own political views. Manifestos provide us with a multitude of nuances to choose from and ultimately ask us to rank which areas of policy we believe are the most important. This system of ranking is ultimately aimed at achieving the overall objective of democracy – to ensure the wellbeing of us, our family, our local community and society as a whole.

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When you walk into your office each day, what is it that makes you feel good? The answer to this question, from a biophilic perspective, is that we feel good when our environment connects us with nature.

Biophilia, a concept coined by American biologist Edward Wilson, refers to the innate bond that exists between human beings and nature.  Based on Wilson’s hypothesis, many have researched and written about the positive benefits of nature on human health. In more recent years, this has led to an interest in how we can incorporate nature and natural elements into the built environment, particularly in the workplace, where we spend a great part of our lives.

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