Whilst 2,000 Sports Direct employees are employed on full time contracts and are about to be handed cash bonuses of up to £100,000 – over 20,000 are classified as part-time and employed on zero-hours contracts. This means that 90% of the workforce don’t know how many hours they will work each week, are not entitled to sick pay or holiday pay, and have no guarantee of regular work.

Sports Direct probably aren’t alone in using zero-hours contracts, but many large retailers such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Argos, John Lewis and M&S do not use these contracts and now unions and politicians are calling on the company to introduce part time contracts with guaranteed hours.

“The zero-hours contracts are highly exploitative and suit the company because it keeps people in a fragile state where they are at the beck and call of their employers.” Andy Sawford Labour MP, Corby

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