Introducing the 6 Essentials

Robertson Cooper’s 6 Essentials is a reliable and accessible model that you can adopt to create a culture of wellbeing across your organisation. It shows the key aspects of working life that affect workplace wellbeing and employee engagement.

The power of the 6 Essentials is that it provides specific levers to pull to help you achieve the best psychological working environment for your employees, whilst also providing a common language for managers and staff to use.

Your starting point to achieve workplace wellbeing

It’s proven that individual wellbeing, employee engagement and a culture of wellbeing link to important organisational outcomes, such as productivity and employee retention.

But creating and maintaining a culture of organisation wellbeing isn't always straightforward. There isn't a ready-made, one-size fits all solution that you can just pick for your business. Often organisations don’t even know where to start when given the task of 'go out there and do wellbeing.'

What we often hear from our clients though, that from using the 6 Essentials™, it helps them break down this task and makes it feel much more achievable.

"We’ve been working with RC to structure our approach to wellbeing and using the 6 Essentials has been valuable in informing this, providing us with a foundation for our Wellbeing and Inclusion Strategy."

Alison Underwood, Wellbeing and inclusion Manager, British Airways

Using the 6 Essentials framework provides you with a clear starting point and enables you to identify, measure and develop the areas needing focus to achieve your goals...

All our products and solutions are based around the 6 Essentials and it sits at the heart of what we aim for - to embed 6 Essentials inside organisations.

It is designed to make wellbeing work for your organisation and is tailored to your organisation’s hot spot areas. It provides a shared language your business leaders, line managers and employees need to fully get to grips with creating a healthy and effective work environment.

View the 6 Essentials model to the right to see how it fits into your organisation.

What are the 6 essentials?

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The 6 Essentials of workplace wellbeing that add up to healthy, happy and productive time at work are:

Resources and communication

Resources includes everything from specialised training to IT systems – making sure all employees are equipped to do their job properly. Communication is about knowing what's going on in organisations, and getting feedback on how employees can play their part.


A strong sense of autonomy is linked to positive well-being. Employees need to feel that they have some say over how things are done and what happens around them (think living in a democracy, rather than a dictatorship). Feeling in control will also help with handling other pressures, like difficult working relationships or a heavy workload.

Balanced workload

This is really about how fair and reasonable workload is and the extent to which it impacts employees’ home life. There are two aspects to a balanced workload: Having a good work life balance - being able to enjoy other activities outside of work, and not being asked to complete too much work, or work that is too hard.

Job security and change

This is about how relevant and valued employees’ role and skills are and the extent to which they think they’ll have place in the business moving forward. Some people embrace change, others recoil from it, but when our sense of job security is threatened it can be difficult for nearly all of us. While the situation can’t always be avoided, you can always ensure that it’s deal with it effectively and help keep wellbeing levels and performance on track.

Work relationships

Good working relationships are one of the most important sources of wellbeing, while a relationship that’s turned bad can be hugely draining. Work relationships are at their best when they are a healthy mix of challenge and support.

Job conditions

Job conditions are the elements that add up to a sense of job satisfaction. This can be everything from having the right work environment, to feeling the pay is fair.

Create a culture of wellbeing in your organisation

We are confident that our 6 Essentials™ framework will enable you to embed a systematic and targeted approach to improving psychological wellbeing across your organisation.

Our confidence stems from both our research base - it has been tested and developed across 250,000 cases of data – and our practical expertise, working with a wide range of organisations across many sectors.

Watch Network Rail's video they developed as part of their approach to embed the 6 Essentials across their organisation.

Read more about their approach here

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