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The UK's first charity and private
sector partnership to support bank workers.

Bank on your People

The link between employee wellbeing, engagement and business level outcomes such as productivity, absenteeism, customer satisfaction and staff retention is well established. But implementing organisational re-design based on that understanding is much more difficult to achieve.

The new Bank on Your People Partnership exists to bring this business critical relationship to life inside banks. With over a century of experience working in the banking sector, the partnership offers the first integrated set of wellbeing, resilience and engagement services, uniquely configured for banks and bank workers.

The Bank on Your People Forum

We brought the sector together at City Hall to debate wellbeing and culture in banks - watch the video now.

With support from the Bank on your People Partnership banks can...

  • Create and environment in which standards of conduct and behaviour can thrive; where the wellbeing of staff and customer experience is a primary concern
  • Take a strategic approach to wellbeing, resilience and employee engagement
  • Ensure that people-related decision-making is based on an informed, data-driven approach
  • Connect employees to the positive business and social outcomes for which banks are now striving
  • Tap into a unique support model available to all employees that deals with both work and non-work issues

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"We must buy into the bank culture debate for sustained return."
Read Professor Sir Cary Cooper's perspective
"There are still pockets in longest established cultures where speaking about psychological pressures is taboo."
Read Ben Moss, Robertson Cooper MD, in the Guardian

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MD of Cary Cooper's business psychology firm, Robertson Cooper - for all things wellbeing, engagement and resilience at work.

Cary CooperCary on Twitter

Professor Cary Cooper, Director and Founder of Robertson Cooper Ltd, Distinguished Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School.

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