Barry Williams

Technical Manager

Barry joined Robertson Cooper in January 2009. He is responsible for driving the IT strategy which incorporates everything from developing product platforms that are capable of delivering world-class solutions, working on exciting new bespoke projects driven by our client’s needs, or evolving the company’s IT infrastructure to take advantage of the ever-changing technological landscape. If he has his headphones on we know he is working on something technical, and is probably best not disturbed.

Barry also has a passion for online marketing and works alongside our Marketing Team to grow our online presence by integrating the latest developments in social media, SEO, video production and digital design. A self-confessed ‘techno-geek’ Barry likes to keep up-to-date with the latest advances in all things techy by reading blogs and articles and, of course, you can usually find him engrossed in whatever is trending on Twitter (particularly if it’s about Manchester United…)

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