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Change: The new normal

Posted by on in Change Management

With a divisive President in the White House, the UK about to leave the EU and the recent global financial crisis still hanging over us, it’s clear that this period of political and economic uncertainty is set to continue. This kind of massive global change understandably causes anxiety and unease for us all, when we’re watching the news, picking up a paper or scrolling through our newsfeeds; but on a more subtle level these feelings of disruption trickle down into our day to day lives, leaving us feeling worried and more likely to build barriers to change at home and in the workplace.

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Time for a workplace revolution

Posted by on in Leadership and Management

Co-founder of Robertson Cooper, Cary set up the business with Ivan Robertson in 1999. A Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, he is recognised as a world leading expert on wellbeing. Cary is also the media’s first choice for comment on workplace issues. He remains an active member of the Robertson Cooper team, focusing on strategy, external relations and PR activity.

With US election results and ongoing Brexit rulings, this week has been a timely reminder that we are navigating through uncertain political and economic times. The landscape in which we now work and live is vastly different from even 5 years ago. Good Day At Work Professor Cary Cooper reflects on how a cultural revolution can help people thrive in future workplaces.

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This girl certainly can - me competing in my first ever fell run.

You must have seen it. ‘Ordinary’ women of all shapes, sizes and ages hurling themselves across rugby pitches, sparring in boxing rings, kicking balls and sweating buckets. The ‘This girl can’ campaign has gone viral – and with pretty amazing results too.

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The Power of Personal Experience

Posted by on in Motivation

As we see more and more organisations taking an active interest in the wellbeing of their employees, we have to remember that we, as individuals, can’t rely on our employers to “fix us”; we have a certain level of responsibility and control over our own wellbeing. But do corporate wellbeing strategies really inspire us to exercise this control?

The power of change doesn’t come in the form of numbers and policies, it comes in the form of people.

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Compromising at Work

Posted by on in Leadership and Management

This week’s blog comes courtesy of Tim Johns, Leadership Coach and Founder of Orato Consulting, discussing the art of compromise at work.

There are few aspects of life that don’t involve making compromises. Every part of our existence involves curtailing individual freedom or postponing desires in order to co-exist with others. We happily obey rules that limit our personal liberty, such as driving on the left or paying taxes, in order to benefit from the security that a civilised society offers. Even those people who opt out make a compromise, trading their freedom against the ability to avail themselves of the many upsides of a consumer society. At a more basic level, successful relationships are based entirely on two people deciding on issues together, something that inevitably involves the art of making sacrifices.

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