Wednesday 4 November was National Stress Awareness Day, promoted by the International Stress Management Association. Stress is something many of us associate with our work-lives, so it’s fitting that this year’s theme is “Employee Wellbeing As A Worthwhile Investment For Your Business”.

President of Good Day At Work and founder of Robertson Cooper, Professor Sir Cary Cooper, commented on stress at the CIPD Annual Conference 2015. “Stress is the biggest reason for employee absence in the UK. It’s time that we address that by promoting employee wellbeing.”

From the discussions generated at the Good Day At Work Conversation 2015 on 3 November, it’s clear that there is already a passion and enthusiasm for employee wellbeing growing inside organisations. Many of the delegates present were keen to find out, “How do I demonstrate that employee wellbeing is a worthwhile investment for my business?”

The answer to that question depends on your business. It depends on what pressures your employees are facing that affect the way they feel at work. This will affect what you measure and how you measure it. Because there’s more to creating a good day at work than focusing on getting rid of stress.

Wellbeing isn’t just the absence of stress

On National Stress Awareness Day, it’s important to remember that employee wellbeing isn’t just about the absence of negatives like stress, anxiety or depression. After all, most jobs come with days that make us feel more under pressure than usual. Employee wellbeing is about making sure people feel happy and healthy at work by creating an environment in which people can thrive and fostering a sense of purpose throughout the organisation.

In the battle to create a culture of wellbeing, employers need to encourage open and honest conversations among their employees. The Good Day At Work Conversation 2015 was just the start of that movement. The event may be over for another year, but the wellbeing conversation is just beginning.

Is your business celebrating National Stress Awareness Day? Let us know what you’re doing in the comments!