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Travis Perkins

Case Study: Travis Perkins

Building a Resilient Workforce: The Travis Perkins Story

Travis Perkins, a prominent building materials merchant and retailer, employs a diverse workforce of 25,000 individuals across various environments, including merchant yards, retail outlets, corporate offices, and drivers on the road. They faced the challenge of comprehending the unique pressures affecting the wellbeing of different employee population groups. Their goal was to develop a targeted and deliberate wellbeing strategy that could effectively address these specific factors. By doing so, they aimed to provide their employees with the necessary support to experience a Good Day at Work, meeting their individual needs and enhancing their overall wellbeing.


Our Solution

Targeted Solutions for a Diverse Workforce: Robertson Cooper’s Approach

To establish a focused and targeted Wellbeing Strategy, Travis Perkins recognised the importance of utilising reliable data. In collaboration with Robertson Cooper, they conducted a comprehensive Good Day at Work survey encompassing all employees across the United Kingdom. This survey employed Robertson Cooper’s core questionnaire, effectively assessing the impact of the working environment on employee wellbeing across various job roles.

The survey generated three layers of valuable output, empowering Travis Perkins to improve their wellbeing strategy.

Firstly, organisational insights provided a deeper understanding of the overall state of wellbeing within the company, facilitating targeted interventions and initiatives to enhance employee wellbeing on a broader scale. Secondly, team-level reports enabled leaders to gain specific insights into the wellbeing challenges and needs within their respective areas, empowering them to initiate focused actions and support their teams. Lastly, every employee received a personalised Wellbeing Snapshot report tailored to their survey responses, guiding them towards relevant support services based on their specific results. This personalised approach ensured that each employee had access to targeted resources and interventions addressing their unique wellbeing requirements.

Equipped with a thorough understanding of the drivers behind various outcomes such as productivity, intention to leave, and advocacy, Travis Perkins gained a clear and comprehensive overview of what aspects were within their control and what factors were beyond their immediate influence. This holistic perspective enabled them to make informed decisions and take proactive steps towards enhancing employee wellbeing and organisational performance.



The Results

From Data to Action: Transformative Results for Enhanced Wellbeing and Performance

Travis Perkins received an abundance of valuable feedback from individual employees who actively implemented positive changes to their wellbeing habits after reviewing their personalised Wellbeing Snapshot reports. The team reports served as a catalyst for leaders to gain a deep understanding of the unique pressures faced by their teams. Consequently, they initiated action-oriented wellbeing conversations at the grassroots level, effectively addressing the wellbeing and performance concerns of their employees.

The organisational insights gleaned from the Good Day at Work survey provided key stakeholders with a comprehensive understanding of the systemic pressures permeating the entire business. By identifying the factors that had the most significant impact on the frequency of Good Days at Work, Travis Perkins was able to formulate and implement a targeted tactical plan to improve overall wellbeing.

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