Where does the responsibility for wellbeing lie in today’s new world of work?

We have teamed up with The Bank Workers Charity to understand how to have more Good Days at Work.

Whilst the banking sector has become highly engaged with employee wellbeing, this report provides new insights into the pressures affecting workers and offers practical ways in which banks can leverage self-management and personal responsibility to respond to the challenges of modern work.

Sustainable impact on workplace wellbeing

Our new research examines how banks and other organisations can make sustainable impact on workplace wellbeing in today’s new world of work.

Importantly this report identifies what I think of as the 'lost skill' of self-management as a key factor for future success

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, Founding Director, Robertson Cooper

The research looked at over 56,000 cases of wellbeing data and offers insights into:

The core pressures that impact wellbeing in this new world of work

How the expectations of workers have changed

The opportunity to make a tangible difference to wellbeing by fundamentally changing the contract between employers and employees about where responsibility for workplace wellbeing lies