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Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making a range of resources available to all organisations to help them navigate the mental health and wellbeing challenges thrown up by this crisis.

With all of this in mind, we think there are three priorities for your wellbeing as you navigate the stages of ‘acute uncertainty’ and ‘prolonged disruption’ that are highly demanding on your wellbeing.

These priorities involve getting back to basics and starting to reset your wellbeing habits:

Priority 1:  Reassess and be mindful of your changed situation

Our free check-in tool allows you to look out to your new working situation and reset your lens to be clear about the new demands and pressures you may now be experiencing as a result of the crisis. 

You can download this free check-in tool here.

Embrace Mindfulness.  By attending to the contents of your consciousness to stay present in the moment, you can start to regulate the highly emotional response to the huge disruption – a few minutes a day could change your whole day! 

Priority 2:  Reset your fundamental wellbeing habits

Our routines have changed and the pressure has been high, and it is just as we need the foundations of wellbeing to be solid so we have the available energy to deal with the demands that we often let healthy habits slip. 

Taking an honest and mindful view of how you are dealing with the fundamental pillars of wellbeing at this time can help you maintain the energy you will need to navigate the next few weeks and months.

Create new habits in the four pillars of good energy management: 


Getting good sleep is fundamental to the available energy we will have to face the (increased) demands of our day.  Are you getting enough sleep? Have your sleep habits changed since the crisis hit? 


How we fuel our bodies through our food has enormous impact on the energy we have available to deal with our demands and pressures.  Have your habits changed since the crisis began? Are you paying attention to how you fuel? Is it time for a reset?

Relax and reduce stress

The techniques we use when we are feeling symptoms of stress on a day-to-day basis are fundamental to good wellbeing.  Have you got your head down ignoring the signs, or are you paying attention to your body and implementing techniques to reduce stress?

Movement and Exercise

Some of us may be confined to our homes, some of us may still be in our changed workplaces but it is important to move regularly, and exercise when we can.   Are you making sure you move and exercise enough? Your body and mind will thank you for it! 

Priority 3: Setting yourself up for wellbeing – Personal Resilience

As Robertson Cooper, we have been supporting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace for over 20 years, yet this current situation with COVID-19 has challenged our mental health and wellbeing like never before; everything about our world of work has been turned upside-down.

Uncertainty and insecurity about health, finances, our work and our families are challenging each and every one of us, and the emotional impact is becoming very real for many of us.

This free guide shares some of the knowledge and resources we have built up over the years and it has one very specific aim – to support you and your colleagues in building strength and resilience so you are as ready as you can be for the current and future emotional strain.

Download your free personal resilience toolkit