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Do you want to have more Good Days at Work? The Good Day at Work Challenge launches 24th October 2022 and we'd love for you, your colleagues, friends and family to take part!

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Robertson Cooper Workplace Mental Health and Wellbeing Specialists

The Good Day at Work Challenge: 24th October 2022

We all spend a lot of our time at work but how many of those days would you describe as a Good Day at Work?  

You may answer that question with a number of reasons why it is just not possible to have a Good Day at Work in your job – the difficult customers, the daily drag of the commute, your awful boss, the rubbish pay, the meetings about meetings, your team not pulling their weight, or even just the sheer volume of work you have to do – and yes, any of those will impact your capacity to have a Good Day at Work. However, even if these pressures (and more!) exist in your job, you do still hold some power over how you experience your day at work. 

We can’t negate the pressures that exist in your working environment for you, but the Good Day at Work challenge is about you rediscovering that do have some control over how you feel about your work – and you can challenge yourself to make a choice; Do I let these things bring me down? Or do I take some steps to find out how I can have more Good Days at Work despite the pressures I have? 

How does it work?

Quick quiz

Take the Good Day at Work questionnaire before starting the challenge. This takes just a few minutes.

Get your starting score

You will receive your first Good Day at Work report as soon as you complete the questionnaire - this is your starting position, and the challenge from here is improve your score.

Complete the challenges

Every day for a week, we will set you a challenge to complete. Each challenge takes on one of the areas of what makes up a Good Day at Work.

Take 10

Each of the four challenges will take you a minimum of 10 minutes, but you can spend more on it if you are really keen!

Track your progress

When you have completed all the challenges, you will be asked to go back and answer the Good Day at Work questionnaire again so you can see if you have improved your Good Day at Work score.

Keep a log

The supporting downloadable journal sets out each challenge for you, offers additional reading and resources for you to explore, and is your place to record your progress.

What else do I need to know?

Challenge guidelines

When completing the challenges we set for you: 

  • Keep it simple. This is about picking one thing to do and actively ‘just doing it’ 
  • Use your journal – putting a pen to paper helps us manage our thoughts so we can create good habits and ultimately boost our wellbeing 
  • Be open to being able to create change for yourself, despite how you currently may feel about your job 

Useful information

  • The Good Day at Work questionnaire is a validated question set built by Professor Ivan Robertson 
  • Your score is compared against the benchmark for the General Working Population which consists of data from over 100,000 people from businesses and organisations in the UK and beyond
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of stress or burnout you will benefit from tailored support and we encourage you to access this support 
  • Your results are confidential and all data we gather is subject to our Privacy Policy