Dr Heidi Edmundson

Consultant in Emergency Medicine,
Whittington Health

Heidi Edmundson has worked in the NHS for over 20yrs and for the last 10 has been a consultant in Emergency Medicine.

She is a passionate advocate for NHS staff wellness and its importance with regards to the individual, the workforce and the patients they care for.

She believes in the power of using fun and creativity as means to facilitate wellness, build teams and give people a voice. She has introduced sessions dedicated to ‘fun and creativity’ to her workplace in which staff are encouraged to play games or take part in creative tasks. The games are influenced by the methodology found in Forum Theatre. This is a style of theatre created by the Brazilian Augustus Boal, originally, developed to explore oppression, insoluble problems and drive social change.

She believes that by engaging in fun and creative tasks people are able to express their whole selves. Seeing and appreciating this allows us to connect to the humanity in ourselves and others.

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17 September 2019

The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Good Day at Work Conversation 2019

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The Good Day at Work Conversation is a truly extraordinary event designed to challenge, inspire and create dialogue around breakthrough health & wellbeing ideas, thinking and innovations.

On the day, you will be immersed in an environment designed to provoke your approach to wellbeing, enhance the capability within your organisation, and change mindsets, ultimately equipping you to deliver performance-based wellbeing initiatives.

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