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Having expert support on hand can be invaluable when trying to develop a comprehensive wellbeing and engagement programme that will make a real and measurable difference to your organisation.

These solutions, which are powered by our products, have been developed to provide you with high value, practical, cost-effective input and guidance when you need it. All our solutions can be tailored to your particular requirements, or combined to create a wellbeing programme specific to your needs.

What solutions are available?

altTraining and Development

  • Resilience training for managers and employees - designed to help your employees understand, build and develop their resilience in order to respond effectively to the challenges of their roles.
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  • Train-the-trainer - build capability within your organisation by training your staff to deliver our courses.
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  • Leadership Impact development workshops– complement our Leadership Impact profiling tool, moving beyond understanding to action and challenging participants to have a positive impact on wellbeing.

Team ASSET and LIDeveloping team wellbeing & resilience - workshops & programmes

Teams are a key unit of wellbeing in any business. Our solution connects the natural style and behaviour of the leader with the blockers and enablers of wellbeing in the workplace. Leadership Impact provides a profile of the Leader which maps onto the '6 Essentials® of workplace wellbeing'.  ASSET measures the team's levels of wellbeing using the same model. Putting these two reports side-by-side connects, or reconnects, the leader to the reality of working life for his/her workgroup and provides the basis for targeted local improvement plans. The approach is strengths-based, but also uncovers the risks of leaders overusing their signature strengths. This solution has been used at all levels in both the public and private sectors - for example, as part of team away days and Board development sessions.


Top team briefingTop Team Briefings

Support from the top is vital for successful strategic wellbeing programmes. The focus of these short sessions is on developing full understanding and commitment to the wellbeing agenda in your organisation - and making links to other key strategic drivers. Whether you choose to discuss the business case for interventions, core findings of an ASSET survey or formulating a new strategy, our briefings will allow you to align your goals and move forward with everyone on board.


Leadership team away daysLeadership Team Away Days

Based on findings from our Leadership Impact tool, our away days will review the composition of your current leadership team in order to understand their collective impact on wellbeing, engagement and performance. There will also be a chance to develop an understanding of the effects that each individual’s style will have on their team. The focus is on developing the ability to balance challenge and support in order to keep pressure positive.


6 Essentials® workshop6 Essentials® of workplace wellbeing workshops

Whether used as part of an ASSET wellbeing survey or independently, our 6 Essentials®’ workshops are the ideal way to introduce the framework to your organisations' leaders - from senior management to line managers. Designed to suit your specific context and priorities, they use a workshop approach to draw on relevant diagnostic results, as well as elements from our training and development solutions.


Solutions GroupsSolutions Groups

Solutions groups are designed to facilitate exploration of ASSET survey results from a constructive, problem-solving perspective. They are similar to a focus group, but with greater emphasis placed on generating solutions. The approach is a proven way of generating innovative action plans for implementation with the co-operation of employees.


Stakeholder workshopsStakeholder Workshops

Away days, briefings and solutions groups all have elements of the stakeholder workshop, as they bring together stakeholders to discuss and progress wellbeing initiatives. However, there is often a need to consult a wider group to secure buy-in from all involved. We can host and facilitate stakeholder workshops and help set the agenda to ensure that the goals of the organisation are met.

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