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Resilience is a valuable quality that can be developed and its development can take a variety of forms: enabling leaders to create a resilient culture; training managers to create an environment that stimulates and nurtures resilience in their teams or empowering employees to take responsibility for their own resilience. Drawing upon the latest thinking and research in the field, Robertson Cooper has created cutting edge resilience training programmes for leaders, teams and individuals. Click below to find out more information about the type of programme that could help you:

Resilience training within your organisation

Option 1: Drawing upon Robertson Cooper’s delivery expertise

We are experts in developing and delivering resilience training programmes for leaders, teams and individuals. We partner closely with our clients to ensure that the programme content is relevant to your specific organisational context in order to achieve real results.

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Option 2. Building your internal resilience training capability

For clients with access to internal training resource we offer an on-site train-the-trainer approach to introduce the latest content and tools into your broader training programmes. Our Resilience Training programme can stand-alone, or be adapted to integrate with your existing programmes (for example, a ‘Developing Resilient Leaders’ module could form part of your broader Leadership Development programme). We recommend this option if you have 5+ internal trainers to take through the programme or an interest in tailoring/integrating the core content into existing courses.

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