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Professor Ivan Robertson discusses the characteristics that enable people to succeed, and how to improve levels of personal resilience. 

What is personal resilience?

Personal resilience is the capacity to maintain wellbeing and work performance under pressure, including being able to bounce-back from setbacks effectively. Our natural resilience depends on our personality, but importantly the quality can be developed whatever an individual's starting point; and in times of change and growth it's becoming increasingly important for individual and business performance.

Our approach

Our train-the-trainer approach equips your HR/training personnel with the skills and materials to develop internal capability and deliver flexible, cost-effective resilience training courses within your organisation. The training can be delivered for up to eight delegates and also includes a one year licence for materials, delivery and access to report generating software.

This training course brings you; new and improved content based on the latest thinking, research and three year's feedback about what really works in practice; a modular approach meaning that you can focus on those areas critical to the organisation; flexible package options to fit with your budget and requirements; evaluation options so you can see the real impact of training before, during and after the course; interactive exercises to help you put learning into practice and updated resources to allow continual learning once the course has finished. 

 Available courses

We also offer resilience training for leaders, teams and individuals. To find out more click here.

Resilience Train-the-Trainer course

Our train-the-trainer courses are interactive one-day sessions and include:

  • Pressure-Performance Curve: An introduction to Keeping Pressure Positive
  • Defining resilience: How to provide personal i-resilience reports for your employees - enabling them to understand where their resilience comes from
  • Introduction to the 6 Essentials™ of workplace wellbeing: How resilience can help deal with pressures in these areas
  • Toolkit of interactive tips, tools & techniques for building and maintaining resilience.

The resilience train-the-trainer course also incorporates our free tool, i-resilienceEach trainer on the course will receive their own personalised report about their resilience - which makes the course interactive and really helps to bring the subject to life. It also includes a one year licence to use our materials and administrative platform; which allows your trainers greater flexibility to manage, store and generate i-resilience reports, which are needed for rolling out the training internally.

Resilience and Leadership Train-the-Trainer course

For those organisations who are interested in integrating resilience into their leadership development programmes we also offer a resilience and leadership train-the-trainer course. This too has been updated to reflect new thinking and feedback and incorporates tools and techniques to support managers to:

  • Build their personal resilience
  • Lead resilient teams

The resilience and leadership train-the-trainer course includes the resilience train-the-trainer programme with the addition of:

  • Understanding your impact: Investigating the impact that managers can have on the wellbeing of their staff
  • Leadership or Management: Exploring the differences and the importance of both
  • Sharing learning and actions: Identifying actions to improve morale, performance and resilience of teams

Each trainer on the course will receive their own personal Leadership Impact (LI) report that reveals their leadership profile and the impact that this has on maximising the wellbeing, resilience and performance of their workgroup. They are then trained in how to administer, interpret and incorporate this report into development programmes for leaders.

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