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The resources on this site are designed to help you to enhance your resilience. Arriving here means that you have probably received your i-resilience report - if not please click here so that you can complete the questionnaire and get your report.

After reading your i-resilience report, you may have identified areas which you would like to focus on and perhaps develop your skills further. If you believe one of the components is your greatest strength, there are likely to still be ways in which you can capitalise on this and develop even further.

Click on one of the components below to explore ways in which you can develop skills in that area. This is a free resource so you can come back and look at any of the other areas later if you wish.

Remember, i-resilience is a free tool – for everyone, forever – so if you found the report valuable you can now recommend this to your friends and invite groups or even the whole organisation to use it.

Robertson Cooper: i-resilience portal four areas

Your Resilience : Confidence Your Resilience : Purposefulness Your Resilience : Social Support Your Resilience : Adaptability

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