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Measure the baseline wellbeing of your people

Developed by Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson, our wellbeing survey tool, ASSET, measures the baseline wellbeing of the people in your organisation.

Getting an accurate and valid representation of what’s affecting the wellbeing of your people ensures you can focus your wellbeing resources and attention to the right places at the right time, to reap the maximum benefits of a happy, healthy, engaged workforce.

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An unrivalled tool to measure wellbeing data

ASSET is an online questionnaire developed by Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson to help organisations understand the wellbeing of their people and importantly, what to do next to create a happy, healthy and productive workforce.

Why do organisations use ASSET?

Developing a wellbeing strategy
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Uncover the link between wellbeing and engagement
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'Deep-dive' into known hotspot areas
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Track progress and measure improvements
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Compliant with the HSE standards
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The ASSET reporting software allows 'slicing and dicing' of the data to compare departments, locations, job levels and much more. Not only does this give a deep understanding of the landscape of wellbeing in your organisation, but importantly it can clearly identify 'hot spot' areas that may benefit from attention.

Your results are benchmarked against more than 100,000 cases of data ensuring they are meaningful and objective.

View customised data on:

Measure wellbeing data: Workplace stress and pressures Measure wellbeing data: Psychological wellbeing Measure wellbeing data: Physical wellbeing Measure wellbeing data: Engagement Measure wellbeing data: Productivity Measure wellbeing data: Resilience

We’ve been measuring wellbeing for hundreds of clients over the last 18 years, helping them understand what is driving performance and how to create a culture of wellbeing to maintain or increase engagement and productivity.

Read how Robertson Cooper supported Network Rail with gathering a wellbeing baseline

Not your traditional organisational survey

And because we are interested in a Good Day at Work for everyone, this isn’t a traditional organisational survey where individual respondents don’t get anything back.

Our tool, ASSET, allows everyone across the organisation to engage in wellbeing, by:

Empowering individuals to take personal responsibility with their own individual report of of their wellbeing and resilience.
Equipping managers with the wellbeing data of their specific teams or departments.
Taking a birds-eye view of the entire organisation.
Judith Grant, Mace: We really wanted to understand the health of our business and what we can do to we needed a baseline measurement
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