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Say goodbye to guesswork. Get the full measure of mental health and wellbeing with the best organisational health check there is.

Make sense of employee wellbeing

Good decisions about how to keep your people healthy and engaged with their work must be grounded on robust evidence. And that goes way beyond a few wellbeing questions added to your annual engagement survey.

How well is your workforce? Chances are, you don’t know. Engagement surveys barely scratch the surface of mental health and wellbeing, and there’s always the risk that survey providers will leave you holding a jumble of stats as they wave goodbye. If you really want to transform your workplace culture to encompass mental health and wellbeing, you need a sound, scientific baseline. You need data that gives you the insight to know your best actions. And you need to develop the capability to empower your employees to take charge of their mental health and wellbeing.

We’ve got that. Robertson Cooper’s industry-leading mental health and wellbeing measurement is grounded in proper, published research by the smartest academic brains in the business. For over 20 years, we’ve led the field in turning that research into real-world improvements for top brands. We’re confident no one’s better at collecting actionable insights, hosting the right conversations and delivering more Good Days at Work.

Are you looking to gain an accurate measure of employee experience and start taking a data-driven approach to mental health and wellbeing? We’ll show you how it’s done.

“Robertson Cooper is at the cutting edge of wellbeing measurement and research, and with their approach, grounded in academia, we are confident we have been able to get an accurate baseline of where we are, understand where our risks and opportunities are, and build a five-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities.”


Unlock meaningful data, insights and actions that drive results

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Our academic chops ensure you’re genuinely measuring mental health and wellbeing, not some ‘near-enough’ proxy. You’ll get data benchmarked against the wider market – a must for brand reputation, engagement and talent retention. And we’ve built so many evidence-based reporting options that we even give you the power to model the future – joining the dots and showing you how the changes you make can impact organisational performance, absence, safety, intention to leave and more.

We work with our clients to co-create a coherent story, developing a clear understanding of how to create real cultural change that will drive engagement, retention and performance. The benchmarked data we collect for you can be analysed across demographics, locations, functions and any other way you want to cut it. This data proves to be an invaluable asset for improving mental health and wellbeing across your organisation in a focused and strategic way.

Create cultural change with lasting impact

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“Robertson Cooper has supported us to gather critical wellbeing data but most importantly they partnered with us to ensure that the business was ready to understand and action the findings. These insights will ensure our wellbeing approach is data-driven and is already enabling teams to take responsibility for managing wellbeing locally – this is important in a business like ours with very different employee populations and environments.”


Deep dive into the health of your organisation

Employee engagement surveys invariably leave HR teams with more questions than they can answer. Our diagnostic tools not only definitively pin down mental health and wellbeing levels but also reveal their root causes, making your next steps crystal clear.

Of course, nurturing wellbeing isn’t solely your responsibility. That’s why every participating leader, manager and employee gets a personalised Wellbeing Snapshot report that helps them own and develop their wellbeing and resilience. Our approach recognises that everyone has a stake in staying well and engaged.

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