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Dr Judith Grant

Dr Judith Grant

Associate at Robertson Cooper

Judith is an accomplished Chartered Psychologist, Workplace Wellbeing Strategist, Consultant, and Coach with a wealth of experience spanning 20 years in public, community, and corporate health. Throughout her career, Judith has held strategic roles in organisational health and wellbeing, business development for wellbeing providers, local authority health, and personal training and coaching. Notably, she served as the Head of Health and Wellbeing at Royal Mail and as the Director of Health and Wellbeing at Mace, where she collaborated with Robertson Cooper to establish a robust, evidence-based approach to wellbeing. With a PhD in Occupational Health Psychology and Management, Judith is driven to merge health research with business objectives, forging sustainable organisational wellbeing programmes that not only support employees but also deliver tangible results.

As an Associate at Robertson Cooper, Judith assumes a strategic position for our clients, influencing key stakeholders, garnering board-level commitment, and employing a data-driven approach. Her expertise and holistic perspective contribute to the development of comprehensive and impactful wellbeing strategies that drive positive change and enhance organisational performance.