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Tamara Hughes

Tamara Hughes

Business Psychologist at Robertson Cooper

Meet Tamara, a talented Business Psychologist at Robertson Cooper. With a wealth of experience in delivering data-driven insights, Tamara is dedicated to helping organisations create a workplace culture that prioritises having more Good Days at Work.

Tamara is known for her hardworking and conscientious nature, making her a reliable professional you can count on. But don’t let her work ethic fool you – she’s also incredibly friendly and inclusive, ensuring that collaborating with her is always a positive experience.

Tamara’s journey in the field of psychology began with her impressive academic achievements. She holds a Master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from The University of Manchester, where she graduated with distinction in 2016. Since then, she has focused on planning and implementing organisational wellbeing and engagement projects, conducting scientific research, and performing data analysis.

Before joining Robertson Cooper, Tamara’s experience as a Business Psychologist encompassed working with a range of clients from private, public and not-for-profit organisations in the areas of assessment and development, leadership, wellbeing and organisational change. In addition to consulting, Tamara is also an experienced team leader. Her role as an Assessment Delivery Team Coordinator, at the General Medical Council in Manchester, involved successfully managing the delivery of high-stakes examinations within the Clinical Assessment Centre, as well as supporting her team’s personal development. She also took the lead on various continuous improvement projects, further showcasing her dedication to delivering outstanding results.

As part of the delivery team at Robertson Cooper, Tamara plays a crucial role in supporting clients who utilise the Good Day at Work measurement platform. Projects that she has worked on range from supporting Councils and NHS clients in understanding their wellbeing baseline to feed into their wellbeing strategies, to working with transportation and multinational pharmaceutical companies who are measuring and monitoring their wellbeing data overtime. With her expertise, she ensures that clients receive comprehensive insights into their employees’ wellbeing, allowing them to make informed decisions. Tamara takes pride in managing high-profile clients and providing exceptional service to help them foster a long-term commitment to mental health and wellbeing. Building lasting relationships is also a priority for her, as she works closely with clients to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs.