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Nowadays we all see the value of the Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agendas – we’re used to hearing about our employers and others ‘doing the right thing’ in relation to the community and the environment. But it’s quite unusual to see these concepts extended to include individual employees and the workforce as a whole.

And yet in these times, when we’re all being asked to do more with less, what could be more important than sustainable and resilient performance? In reality, resilience is one of the few major untapped sources of potential in the economy – one that has the power to drive, support and sustain your business into the future.  Why shouldn’t it be part of your mission to send resilient people out there into the world? It’s good for them, it’s good for the business and it’s good for society!

Many businesses have started to engage with the topic through training or e-learning, but very few have integrated it into their HR strategy and processes – meaning they have just scratched the surface in terms of what’s possible when you get resilience right.

We support clients with their efforts to develop resilient employees, resilient teams and, ultimately, whole organisations that are ready and able to thrive in the face of the challenges that lie ahead. We do this by leveraging the qualities associated with a resilient workforce, namely:

Strong sense of purpose Positive emotions Confidence
Stretch through challenge Social support Adaptability



Building resilience is central to our mission and this is reflected in our tools and resources. Our first ever free product, i-resilience, is designed to tell you which areas of your personality you draw on for your personal resilience. The report maps your resilience profile onto the '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing so you can see how you are likely to react in specific workplace situations. Try it here for free

Remember: resilience can be developed. Whether it’s developing leaders to create a resilient culture; training managers to create an environment that stimulates and develops resilience in their teams or empowering employees to take responsibility for their own resilience via e-learning and individual i-resilience can be developed, and we can help!

To see what solutions we have available for developing resilience click here

  • Extend your CSR strategy to include supporting the resilience of your staff – and send resilient people out into the world!
  • Create a population of resilient leaders and managers – who in turn create a business culture of resilience where recovering quickly from setbacks is the norm.
  • Build coping skills and reduce the risk of stress reactions in employees.
  • Enhance the psychological contract you have with your employees – you create the conditions for resilience and they take responsibility for using pressure positively.
  • Develop resilience during the good times so you can maintain wellbeing when times are tough.
  • Recruit for resilience – so your workforce is resilient from the start.
  • Build resilience into your induction, performance management and personal development processes.
  • Integrate resilience into your corporate health and wellbeing strategy....and, in turn, your employer brand.
  • Develop a more flexible workforce.
  • Develop employees who manage their moods more effectively, who are more open to learning new tasks and set realistic but challenging goals for themselves.

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