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Our approach: Measure wellbeing and stress

Improving levels of psychological wellbeing and minimising workplace stress are important organisational goals - and measuring existing levels is a natural starting point for many who want to adopt a strategic approach. 

By measuring the '6 Essentials' of workplace wellbeing and benchmarking your business (or parts of it) against other similar organisations, you get an objective view of your wellbeing situation. This provides a platform for measurable improvement and enables cost-effective, targeted interventions.

Measuring wellbeing can sound daunting, but our approach is very flexible and can be as ‘light-touch’ as you need it to be. Based on different versions of our market-leading tool, ASSET, you can either run a full organisational survey, conduct a short ‘pulse’ survey to get an initial reading or even just plug our questions into your own organisational survey.

In all cases the results go beyond compliance requirements to give you a genuine insight into how your employees really feel about the key aspects of working life that affect their wellbeing and engagement on a day-to-day-basis. 

We’re very often asked to help clients explore the findings further using structured focus groups and to generate solutions in partnership with them. These include resilience training for managers and staff, leadership development and work with the top team – all designed to embed and improve the '6 Essentials' of workplace wellbeing.

  • Get an objective picture of your current wellbeing situation and create the starting point for improvement.
  • Understand the results of your existing engagement survey through a wellbeing lens that provides specific actions for improvement.
  • Identify the barriers to wellbeing amongst your staff – find hotspots and deal with them!
  • Build long and short term strategies for improvement.
  • Replicate examples of good practice across the whole organisation.
  • Comply with HSE guidelines.
  • Improve wellbeing levels to positively impact absenteeism and presenteeism.

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