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What is ASSET?

Helping clients to embed the '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing is at the heart of what we do at Robertson Cooper. ASSET is an online questionnaire that enables our clients to measure the '6 Essentials™' and much more.

ModelFor many, measuring where the business is in terms of psychological wellbeing is the starting point for taking a strategic, goal-focused approach in the area. Many clients use ASSET as the basis of a full staff wellbeing survey. Other businesses that run an annual engagement survey, but feel that it never leads to any action, use ASSET to identify the wellbeing drivers of engagement and build an action plan. Sometimes ASSET is also used to look at an acute problem or issue in a particular part of the business that needs attention.

In all cases, ASSET is the professional's diagnostic tool of choice for measuring wellbeing and employee engagement – because it is flexible, valid and comes with great online reporting.

How does it work?

ASSET’s most important feature is that it can be used flexibly to suit your needs. More than ten years of experience has taught us that all clients and partners start in different places. Depending on your specific requirements, you can either run a full organisational audit, conduct a short ‘pulse’ survey to get an initial reading or even just plug our questions into your own employee survey.

In practical terms, ASSET is an online questionnaire tool which has been developed over last 9 years – its reporting is state of the art and we have well over 100,000 cases of data against which to compare your own results. This means that you can tap into the power of our normative database to ensure that your benchmarking around wellbeing is objective and meaningful.

Depending on your budget and internal resource you can use ASSET as independently as you like or, if you would prefer, Robertson Cooper can provide support with administrating the survey, interpreting the findings and recommending action. In all cases results are available within two weeks, ensuring a current and accurate reflection of the workplace wellbeing situation. The software enables you to ‘slice and dice’ the data independently – comparing departments, locations, job levels and much more. We can also provide reports direct to line managers to summarise the results for their specific workgroup – the online system provides step-by-step instructions to help them drive local improvement.

If you are an independent consultant or a third party survey company you can license our wellbeing questions and run them through your own system. To find out more about using ASSET in this context please get in touch.


When the results are in we’ll be there to support you if required. Whether that is exploring the findings further using structured focus groups, generating your action plan and/or delivering interventions in partnership with you.

We’re led by your needs and the results of the survey, but typical interventions we tend to support include resilience training for managers and staff, leadership development, top team development and introducing e-learning for the workforce. Whichever it is, all of our solutions are designed to embed and improve the '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing.


Our clients discover a number of benefits from using ASSET:

  • Benchmark your business against a powerful wellbeing database.
  • Use a proven tool flexibly to suit your needs.
  • Get an objective picture of your current wellbeing situation - create the starting point for improvement.
  • Identify the barriers to wellbeing amongst your staff – find hotspots and deal with them!
  • Get reports into the hands of line managers to drive local improvement.
  • Replicate examples of good practice across the whole organisation.
  • Improve wellbeing levels to positively impact important business level outcomes like customer satisfaction, sickness absence and productivity.
  • Tap into a decade of experience of how to measure wellbeing and take action.
  • Understand the results of your existing engagement survey through a wellbeing lens that provides specific actions for improvement.
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of your interventions over time from a reliable baseline.

Why do our clients use ASSET?

"We need to establish our starting point"

Clients often use ASSET when they don’t know where to start with implementing a wellbeing strategy or initiative. It can help with understanding the current wellbeing situation to ensure that interventions are both targeted and cost-effective.

"We already measure employee engagement, but something is missing"

If you currently run your own engagement survey, but never seem to turn the results into action, ASSET will uncover the link to wellbeing and provide tangible actions to start the improvement process. It constitutes a ‘deep-dive’ into the wellbeing of your employees and provides line managers and leaders with the tools they need to make a difference.

"We have used the HSE Indicator tool, but we have struggled to make sense of the results and actually take action "

ASSET results map onto the HSE management standards, but also go beyond them. This is because ASSET tells you not only if a blocker of wellbeing is present, but also the extent to which your employees are troubled by it. Once in possession of this important knowledge you are free to focus on and tackle the real barriers to employee engagement and wellbeing.

"We need to know how our employees feel right now"

With ASSET, unlike many staff surveys, you don’t have to wait months for results. In all cases results are available in two weeks and you get access to instant online reporting which enables you to ‘slice and dice’ the data independently. This ensures you get a current and accurate reflection of your situation – one that enables you to get into action as quickly as you like.

"We already know where our ‘problem areas’ are but we need to understand the causes"

ASSET enables you to ‘deep dive’ into known ‘hotspot’ areas within the organisation and look at which of the '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing are not in place. In some cases, they combine to create specific problems – e.g. lack of control and work overload creating low morale. ASSET enables you to identify the problem and take steps to solve it.

"We need to be able to track our progress and see the areas for improvement"

ASSET helps clients to make a long-term commitment to managing wellbeing. Surveys can be repeated to evaluate the effectiveness of initial interventions and the software enables you to compare your organisation at ‘Time Two’ with how it was at ‘Time One’. In line with best practice and to enhance your employer brand, you can then publish your results internally and externally to show that wellbeing matters in your business.

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