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What is Leadership Impact?

Leadership Impact diagramLeaders define organisational and team culture – and, in turn, they strongly influence levels of wellbeing and employee engagement.

Leadership Impact is a development tool which uncovers the link between the leader’s natural style and the ‘wellbeing experience’ of their workgroup. Once leaders understand the impact they have on the '6 Essentials™' of workplace wellbeing, they can start to proactively manage the way they lead the team to ensure they play their role in maximising wellbeing and engagement.

How does it work?

Based on an established and validated personality questionnaire, Leadership Impact identifies the leader’s natural style. In particular, it reveals the balance he/she strikes between challenge and support – factors that are central to the task of leading to create wellbeing, rather than sap it.

The Leadership Impact report is strengths-based, but it also highlights the risks of overusing, or over-relying, on those strengths. It provides the support that leaders need to encourage them to ‘flex’ their natural style for the good of their team, their own performance and ultimately, the business. The report also provides feedback on the leader’s own resilience, because you need your senior people to be there when times are tough.... and to model resilience at all times.

Leadership Impact has been designed for all senior leaders and line managers – in fact, anyone who has responsibility for generating wellbeing in the business. It can be used as the basis of one-to-one coaching or as an integral part of training programmes and leadership development. Our clients also use it after they have measured wellbeing levels with ASSET: by connecting the leader’s profile to his/her workgroup’s wellbeing scores you get a genuine insight into local drivers of performance – both good and bad.

We also provide group reports so that you can look at the overall culture of leadership teams – do all members share the same style or is there a good balance in place?


Leadership Impact uniquely connects leaders to the reality of working life in their team. Unlike many development tools which are solely person-based, the report maps the leaders natural style onto the key aspects of the workplace situation that block and enable wellbeing (the '6 Essentials™'). This inspires genuine insights, even ‘lightbulb moments’, for leaders who have never taken this perspective before. Specific benefits include:

  • Easy to integrate with your broader wellbeing strategy - e.g. as a post survey intervention
  • Takes a positive, strengths-based approach.
  • Connects and re-connects leaders to their workgroups.
  • Smooth online completion and report delivery.
  • Concise report provided with expert support available if required.
  • Ideal for integrating with your existing development processes.
  • Easy to integrate with your broader wellbeing strategy - e.g. as a post survey intervention.
  • Supports the development of resilient leaders who model resilience for others.

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