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Personal reports

Mental health, wellbeing and resilience are deeply personal states – no two people are the same.

Crucial to our approach is our ability to take a big topic and make it personal for every delegate. That’s why many of our training programmes include personalised insights for your people.

Our three, industry-leading reports ensure your employees and managers get the understanding they need to develop tailored strategies for creating more Good Days at Work.


Our flagship iResilience report is the starting point for a structured, personalised resilience-building journey. It provides employees with an awareness of where their resilience comes from, using their personality as the starting point for growth. iResilience is a strengths-based approach that recognises this simple truth – everyone can develop their resilience, provided they know their starting point.

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Wellbeing Snapshot

The Wellbeing Snapshot report delivers a detailed analysis of your people’s current wellbeing, benchmarked against the general working population. It encourages ownership of personal mental health and wellbeing and can generate powerful team reports that facilitate wellbeing dialogue – with each other, with managers, even family and friends.

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Leadership Impact

Using the five-factor personality model, our Leadership Impact report reveals how your leader and managers’ natural style affects the wellbeing of others. It gives these key populations the insight and ability to make good judgements about when to flex their natural style to maximise team wellbeing and performance. Leadership Impact encourages leaders and managers to work collaboratively by sharing insights and experiences.

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