Supporting thought leadership in Workplace Wellbeing

Robertson Cooper have a rich heritage of providing leading workplace wellbeing research.

Our founders Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson have over 2000 published papers and books on the topic and are both in the top 2% of influential Occupational Psychologists in the world.

With this background, we have developed a strong business capability to provide organisations of all types the support they need to create unique and thought-leading wellbeing research papers and whitepapers.

Robertson Cooper produced an excellent report for us, full of insights into the state of research regarding the wellbeing risks associated with the future of work. Their findings continue to frame British Safety Council’s approach to its policy, campaigning and lobbying activities to ensure work, at a time of great technological change, is healthy, fair and fit for all.

Matthew Holder
Head of campaigns and engagement
British Safety Council

We can support or lead a research project with the following types of organisations:

Institutes or trade bodies who need to commission wellbeing research

Organisations who wish to demonstrate their credibility around wellbeing in the HR market

Consortia seeking funding for wellbeing research that needs expert input from wellbeing specialists

Our capability

Data collection

We have a unique capability to collect large quantities of data from people in the workplace via an established platform with an average of 2000 unique users per month.

Existing data

We have a wealth of existing data on personality and wellbeing gathered over the last 15 years.

Brand awareness

We offer brand association to drive credibility. Both Prof. Cooper and Prof. Robertson have advisory roles with many national and international bodies, including NICE, World Health Organisation, Engage4Success and the CIPD.

Research Support Services

We can provide an end-to-end service in completing a research project, or specific support in the following areas:

Data collection

Data analysis & reporting

Content creation & dissemination

Advisory role on research scope, objectives & research questions

Connection to academic publication routes

Our projects

Rail Life

Using wearable technology to monitor the stress levels of rail passengers to better understand passenger wellbeing on end-to-end journeys.

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British Safety Council

Bringing together the latest evidence into the future of work, the probable impact on wellbeing and what employers, trade unions, educators and government can do to prepare for the future.

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Forward Institute

Research to understand the impact of technology – positive and negative – on employee health, wellbeing and productivity.

NHS Employers

Development of a bespoke online emotional health toolkit for NHS employees.

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Bank Workers Charity

A long term partnership to improve wellbeing in the banking sector, grounded in research to understand banking specific challenges to wellbeing.

JLT Employee Benefits

Exploring the link between financial wellbeing and saving behaviour with health, wellbeing and productivity.

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