We help you generate positive cultural change through resilience and wellbeing training designed for people at all organisational levels.

More Good Days at Work mean better wellbeing for individuals and all sorts of benefits for an organisation, such as greater creativity and productivity.

If you can help people strengthen their resilience, they’re more likely to have Good Days at Work.

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All resilience training and development sessions are available virtually.
We make sure they are interactive, accessible and fun for your dispersed teams.

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Virtual Training Programmes

Training and development programmes designed to bring dispersed colleagues together, giving them new knowledge and skills

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Personal wellbeing and resilience:

Keep your people well and performing despite the demands they face

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Team wellbeing and resilience:

Unite and align teams to navigate work pressures in a healthy, collective way

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Manager wellbeing and team resilience:

Equip your managers to handle team wellbeing with skill and confidence.
Develop teams ready to tackle the challenges of their roles.

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Big groups and conferences:

Get your message heard at scale.
Create a common language for wellbeing and resilience right across the organisation.

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Personal reports

Our three, industry-leading reports ensure employees and managers get the understanding they need to develop tailored strategies for more Good Days at Work


The starting point for a structured, personalised journey to self-resilience

Leadership Impact

Using the five-factor personality model, learn how your leadership style affects the wellbeing of others

Wellbeing Snapshot

An analysis of your current wellbeing, benchmarked against the general working population

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We’ve trained:

Our programmes are:

Facilitated, face to face, by wellbeing experts

Tailored to your specific organisational challenges

Grounded in science

Good fun - honest!

Every training programme also comes with a suite of personalised reports that:

Give individuals valuable insights into their own wellbeing and resilience

Empower managers to understand how their leadership style impacts the wellbeing of their team

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