Resilience Training and Wellbeing Programmes

Robertson Cooper’s resilience training programmes are all designed to support your broader wellbeing initiatives and strategy. When your people are well and coping with the pressures they are experiencing, they are more likely to be having a Good Day at Work and their performance will be maximised.

Resilience training results in an ability to self-manage, a crucial element in creating more Good Days at Work in your organisation and our programmes look to develop capability across all areas of your organisation by:

Supporting individuals to increase their own resilience levels and capacity to cope under pressure at work

Equipping managers with the skills and confidence to set up resilient and well teams

Providing teams with the shared understanding on how to remain healthy when the pressure is high

Wherever your starting point, our resilience training and wellbeing programmes look at practical and impactful techniques to ensure your people stay well and perform when under pressure, truly creating more Good Days at Work.

Supported by personalised reports

We’ve developed these expert reports to bring the courses to life for delegates and, most importantly, to make wellbeing personal. That’s what sets our approach apart.

i-resilience provides a comprehensive understanding of personal resilience and gives examples of how this could impact on delegates responses to demanding work situations. The personal i-resilience report allows users to build on existing areas of strength, and also allows them to manage any potential areas of risk.

Leadership Impact is a development tool which uncovers the link between the leader’s natural style and the ‘wellbeing experience’ of their workgroup. Once leaders understand the impact they have on the wellbeing of their people, they can start to proactively manage the way they lead the team to ensure they play their role in maximising wellbeing and engagement.

Wellbeing Snapshot empowers individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing by identifying the barrier and enables of wellbeing that exist for them in the workplace. Employees can compare their resilience levels to the rest of the UK using live data and provides tangible and personalised employee support.

Staying healthy in change

This programme equips your people with knowledge about how to use resilience strategies to transit change faster with less impact on their health.

Personal Resilience & Wellbeing

This programme is supported by our psychometric reports (Wellbeing Snapshot and i-resilience) and gives individuals the opportunity to increase their personal resilience.

Personal Resilience in change

This programme allows people to apply resilience strategies to the challenge of change.

Personal Resilience & Wellbeing

Resilience is a key skill in today’s pressured workplaces and giving people the tools to develop their resilience through training can be a good strategic move for organisations.

The science of energy management

This programme looks to introduce habits into the everyday which renew and replenish energy, and therefore our capacity to work.

Leadership Impact on wellbeing

This session gives managers a clear insight into how their leadership style influences wellbeing in their team.

Creating resilient teams

What is it a manager can do to set their team up for healthy success when pressure is high? What are the behaviours and norms that should be on every manager’s radar?

Leading for wellbeing

As a manager, it is vital that you are able to cope with the pressures you experience, but also how you set up your team for maximum resilience.

Being a resilient team

This collective, collaborative and action-orientated session explores their workplace pressures and how they can stay well and performing as a group.