Leading for wellbeing

Full day


As a manager, it is vital that you are able to cope with the pressures you experience, but also how you set up your team, managing wellbeing for maximum resilience.

Course overview:

The relationship between work pressure, performance, managing wellbeing and resilience

What your natural strengths are and how to manage wellbeing risks

What the '6 Essentials™ of workplace wellbeing' are and how resilience can help deal with pressures in these areas

How to respond positively to the pressures and demands of working life and identify opportunities to thrive

Specific actions to take forward to build and maintain your personal resilience and learning outside of the session

How to set your team up for maximum resilience

How to create a climate in your team where wellbeing conversations are the norm

The impact of your leadership style on the wellbeing of your team, and how to flex it when required

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