Mental Health & Awareness for Managers

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This one-day workshop is designed to give managers the confidence and skills to be able to create a team where the conditions support good mental health but also one where team members with poor mental health are supported effectively and compassionately.

When in a management role, the key issues around mental health & wellbeing are generally:

  • How best to support someone’s wellbeing including when they are experiencing poor mental health
  • How to effectively have conversations with people who are experiencing poor mental health & wellbeing
  • What the responsibility of the manager is when it comes to the mental health & wellbeing of their team

These are very real day-to-day issues for many managers who may struggle to find the best way to deal with team members who have mental health & wellbeing issues, especially as the incidence of poor mental health remains high. Our workshop is designed to support and give confidence to managers to enable more Good Days at Work within their teams:

  • Understand the work environment and how it impacts on our mental health & wellbeing
  • Understand how their own leadership style may impact on the mental health & wellbeing of their team
  • Give clear pathways to effectively manage and support any mental health & wellbeing issues in their team

Overview of the workshop:

Understanding the Good Day at Work

It is important to understand what we are aiming for when we think about people being well at work. This section outlines what it means to have a Good Day at Work, how they behave when they are well and working at their best, what people want from their work but importantly what might impact their mental health & wellbeing.

Spotting the signs of poor wellbeing – Mental Health issues and stress

A key skill for managers when it comes to mental health & wellbeing in their teams is the ability to recognise when someone’s wellbeing is compromised, and this means being able to spot early signs and symptoms of stress and mental ill health. Structuring this knowledge around the ‘Health Continuum’ allows the managers to see the different touch points for them in tackling wellbeing in their teams – from people who have mental illness right through to people who may be showing early signs of stress – all will require some action from the manager to maintain performance and motivation.

The foundation of action around mental health & wellbeing – conversation

To successfully manage mental health & wellbeing in a team, it is vital a manager is able to have high quality wellbeing conversations and this section lays out this skill as the foundation of all wellbeing work for managers. With clear boundaries set for these conversations and an understanding of their role, it is then possible for managers to begin to take action on the wellbeing issues and signpost and support people who have mental health issues, all in line with the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant legislation.

Developing a resilient team

With the clear boundary in place of where responsibility lies when managing a team, and the confidence to have conversations, the workshop equips the managers to set their team up to be resilient – a truly preventative approach. Drawing on our i-resilience model, we deliver 4 resilience strategies that allow the manager to set their team up to stay well under pressure.

The impact of the manager

Armed with their personal report, Leadership Impact, this section gives managers unique insights into how their style may be impacting the wellbeing of their team, allowing them to flex their style and be mindful of their unique role in creating wellbeing in their teams.

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