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Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, offering integrated services across the full property and infrastructure life cycle. With over 6,300 employees across over 50 countries, in a range of roles with varied responsibilities and skills, Mace are committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all their employees.

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The challenge

Over the past decade, the construction industry has made great strides in improving safety-related performance, yet still faces the health challenge. Putting the ‘health’ back into health and safety, with a focus on workplace wellbeing, has become an industry-wide drive. Setting out the basis for their strategic approach, Mace focused on the following key objectives in their first year:

Define wellbeing

Engage with the Mace Group Board to create a collective definition of wellbeing in the organisation to align with business strategy and health risk.

Get it measured

Gather a baseline measure of wellbeing to understand the current picture and to guide Mace’s approach to wellbeing.

Start the conversation

Build awareness and communications to promote wellbeing across the organisation and to initiate more wellbeing conversations.

"Robertson Cooper are at the cutting edge of wellbeing measurement and research, and with their approach, grounded in academia, we are confident we have been able to get an accurate baseline of where we are, understand where our risks and opportunities are, and build a five-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities."



In order to take a strategic, data-led approach, Mace identified the need to gather a wellbeing baseline. With plans afoot to gather the data via Mace’s first wellbeing survey, Robertson Cooper facilitated an initial engagement session and a series of 1-to-1s alongside the Mace Director of Health and Wellbeing, with the Mace Group Board to create a collective definition of wellbeing. These sessions enabled:

  • Key stakeholder engagement with wellbeing and how improvements in this area can help drive key business outcomes
  • Clarity about how to maintain wellbeing across core business areas specifically, illustrating how to implement wellbeing across the whole employee lifecycle
  • A clear plan and set of priorities for the next 12 months, with Board level approval

Download the full Mace case study to discover our solution in more detail along with the results of our partnership