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Team Wellbeing & Resilience training: boost the wellbeing of stressed-out teams.

Team Resilience

Is team resilience training on your agenda? We all need some help sometimes dealing with stress in the workplace and if you have teams that have been through a prolonged period of change and high workload, they may benefit from some support to spring back to their best.

Our Team Wellbeing & Resilience training is a tailored team solution that identifies the stressors the team is facing and creates targeted action planning to boost their wellbeing. We introduce tips, techniques and a common language that will better equip your teams to face future pressures with confidence. By creating a process and safe environment for more wellbeing conversations you’ll see less burnout and more Good Days at Work.

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Who is it for?

Team Wellbeing & Resilience training is for any team that is showing signs of burn out. There are a variety of ways that a team may reveal that they have reached their tipping point, below are some of the typical things to look out for:



Burnout can cause people to call in sick more often, even when they are not ill.



Increased isolation of individuals in the team can lead to people not working together effectively.


High emotions

Burnout can lead to extreme responses to everyday situations, which may be observed as overreaction or apathy.


Lack of energy

Burnout drains people leaving them exhausted, both physically and mentally.


Making mistakes

Burned out teams tend not to learn from their mistakes and repeat the mistakes over and over.


Lack of innovation

Creativity and innovation take a back seat leading to lack of progress.


Blame culture

Rather than taking responsibility for actions, burned out teams often shirk responsi­bility and blame others.

What does it do?

Our Team Wellbeing & Resilience training solution takes a structured training approach across four stages to help the team get back to their best and have more Good Days at Work.

Stage one

Using our validated and market leading wellbeing measurement tool, the sources of the workplace pressures for the team or department are identified.

Stage two

Individuals receive feedback on the sources of their pressure and their current wellbeing status.

Stage three

Using the survey data, our expert facilitators provide group feedback and support solutions-focused workshops to constructively resolve any pressure points in the team or department.

Stage four

A clear short-term action plan is created to alleviate the current pressures and equip the team for any future challenges.

Measuring team pressures

The team members complete a short questionnaire based on our market-leading wellbeing tool, ASSET, developed by Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson.

Line managers also complete our personality based Leadership Impact questionnaire, providing them with insights on how their leadership style impacts the wellbeing of their team.

  • All results are benchmarked against our General Working Population benchmark
  • The questionnaire measures resilience, workplace pressures across The 6 Essentials and psychological wellbeing
  • Every individual instantly receives their own Wellbeing Snapshot report upon completion
  • A group report is generated to understand the main pressures that are being experienced in the team and how people are coping. These are then used to inform and tailor the facilitated workshop
  • All managers receive a personalised Leadership Impact report about their leadership style and the likely impact on the wellbeing of their team; they’ll also have access to one-to-one support should they need it

The facilitated workshop

Armed with the data about the pressures for the team, our expert facilitators are well positioned to structure the Team Wellbeing & Resilience training workshop to create actions and solutions relevant to the specific situations the team is experiencing.

  • Delivered by a Business Psychologist specialising in wellbeing
  • 1/2 day or full day training session
  • Interactive individual and team action planning
  • Support for managers to take action and improve their team’s experience at work

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