Whether you want to get the word out to big groups or develop smaller teams, all our content is available to be delivered virtually using the very best technology

Nothing quite beats being face-to-face, however we have taken great care to source a variety of technology tools that allows us to deliver our content in an interactive and accessible way.

The experience of our online training is as close to face-to-face as possible, so you can be assured that your delegates have an immersive learning experience.

Our webinars are tailored to your business context so you can get the right messages out to all your employees on the burning wellbeing and resilience topics that will support them in keeping well.

Explore our topics here and please do contact one of our team to discuss your exact requirements.

Delivering big impact virtually

Delivered using a variety of technology platforms that enable learning to be maximised yet also fit with your in-house technology capability. 

Delivered by a Business Psychologist specialising in wellbeing and resilience, with a recommended session time of a minimum of 60 mins

Each programme includes one or more of Robertson Cooper’s unique personal reports – Wellbeing Snapshot, Leadership Impact and i-resilience. Learn more here

Includes comprehensive electronic workbook for all delegates to take away and continue their learning

Personal Resilience

How do we stay well under the pressures and adversities we face? 

Our personal resilience session gives your people the tools and the knowledge to apply resilience strategies to their lives so they can stay healthy and well when the demands are high.

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Wellbeing Essentials – Energy Management

We all sometimes feel exhausted by what life throws at us, but what can we do to maintain our health and wellbeing when the pressure is high?

This programme asks people to pay attention to, and then take control of, the cornerstones of health and wellbeing, especially important when the pressure is high.

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Resilience in change

Change disrupts our wellbeing as we are forced to readjust our habits and behaviours to deal with the new and uncertain circumstances.

This programme focuses specifically on how we can become resilient to the negative impact of change, ensuring individuals have awareness of our very human reaction to change and then equipping them to apply resilience strategies to reduce the negative impact of change on our wellbeing.

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Wellbeing & resilience – for managers

Managers play a key role in supporting the health and wellbeing of their teams, and this set of programmes equip managers with the skills and confidence to be able to support their teams to stay well and develop their resilience.

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