A Wellbeing strategy, including clarity of vision and goals, is key to achieving your objectives for wellbeing.  It is an important piece of the puzzle in creating more Good Days at Work in your organisation.

Do you know what wellbeing can do to support your wider business objectives?

Why does wellbeing matter in your organisation?

What are the guiding principles for your approach to wellbeing?

What does wellbeing mean to your organisation?

What does success look like and how will you measure it?

The answers to these questions start to unlock your wellbeing strategy, set your vision and setup your tactical plan, truly putting wellbeing at the heart of your business strategy and Robertson Cooper can support your organisation to get this bit right.

What we do to support organisations

Our team of Wellbeing Specialists work with key stakeholders in your organisation to create a Wellbeing vision and strategic direction by:

Delivering the business case for wellbeing, demonstrating what an investment in wellbeing can unlock for your organisation.

Understanding your broader business goals, such as retention, improving employer brand, transformational change, to demonstrate how wellbeing can enable you to achieve these goals.

Establishing the building blocks of wellbeing in your organisation.

Reviewing your current wellbeing activities along with the policies and processes that impact wellbeing.

Showing what will be required to deliver on the vision for wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Specialists provide you with a golden thread for all of your wellbeing activities, and a clear articulation of your vision for wellbeing.

How we support organisations

We’ve got a three-step tried and tested method for developing your wellbeing strategy and our team of Wellbeing Specialists support you in filling any gaps in your organisation and joining all your activity together in a coherent and data driven way.

Set out your vision & goals


  • Organisational readiness for wellbeing
  • The broader business context
  • Wider business goals & ethos

Establish a baseline

  • Collect meaningful wellbeing data & review existing data
  • Understand cultural norms
  • Review policies & processes
  • Consult key stakeholder groups
  • Evaluate current activities & initiatives on wellbeing

Create a plan

  • Clear recommendations
  • Define roles as they evolve over time
  • Timescales & milestones
  • Success measures

Support packages

Our support in this area can be as light or as comprehensive as is required for your organisation.

Contact our team to discuss your current status and how we can support you in developing your Wellbeing Strategy and Vision.