Wellbeing Snapshot


Understand wellbeing levels across your organisation and find out where you need to focus to make improvements and drive change, with Robertson Cooper’s Wellbeing Snapshot.

Developed in partnership with Network Rail, the Wellbeing Snapshot TM is based on the 6 Essentials of Workplace Wellbeing. It’s a short and easy survey for your employees to complete about their physical, psychological and social health, as well as their workplace pressures.

As your teams and departments complete the surveys, you will be provided with real-time data and develop insight into the wellbeing of your staff and organisation as a whole. It will enable you to build a better-informed wellbeing strategy, linked to your business outcomes and show you the levers you need to pull to make positive impact across your organisation.

Empower your staff to make changes

Wellbeing Snapshot is a tried and tested model, designed for your employees to find out about, take control of and improve their wellbeing. A personalised, confidential report is generated for each employee, giving a holistic overview of their health and wellbeing and providing recommendations of where they can make improvements to ensure a happy, healthy working life.

Tailored advice and support options available within your organisation can also be integrated into the report, promoting your internal services such as your existing EAP, and making it easy for your employees to make changes to their lifestyles for themselves.

Real data, real impact

As well as providing your employees with the tools they need to improve wellbeing, your managers will also be informed of the pressures points facing their teams.

Reports will be generated on an on-going basis, providing you and your managers with accurate and current data, highlighting the areas across your organisation where improvements are needed.

You will be able to map changes and trends across the business and track whether interventions are having a positive impact and meaningful change is underway. You will also be able to benchmark your wellbeing results against other organisations.

As well as your organisation benefitting by introducing Wellbeing Snapshot, your employees will benefit by:

  • Having unlimited access to a free and engaging tool that will help them understand and take control of their wellbeing
  • Receiving a tailored report with recommendations and advice to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Discovering their wellbeing age – understanding how their habits and behaviours impacts their lifestyle and age!
  • Finding out about the specific resources and services that are available within your organisation
  • Being able to track their wellbeing over time, make changes and see their success
Wellbeing Snapshot was designed with Network Rail and has been successfully embedded across various organisations.


Do you want to provide your staff with tools they need whilst improving wellbeing levels across your organisation?

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