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Unleashing the Potential of Data-Driven Wellness

The Good Day at Work questionnaire is not just your ordinary assessment tool. It represents a leap forward in understanding employee wellbeing and performance. We recognise that cultivating a culture of high performance and wellness requires actionable insights that resonate at every level of your organisation. That’s why our measurement solutions are designed to deliver comprehensive and meaningful insights, regardless of how you choose to administer the questionnaire.

Our holistic approach ensures that no one is left behind when it comes to understanding the factors that contribute to a Good Day at Work. From individual employees seeking personal growth and fulfilment, to teams and leaders striving to create a supportive and thriving work environment, our questionnaire provides the insights needed to make informed decisions and drive positive change.

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Data Insights and Reporting at Every Level

Whatever way you deliver our questionnaire, insights are available at all levels:



Driving personal action

Health and wellbeing is a personal matter; what is good for one person is not necessarily good for another person, so a strong approach to wellbeing means personalisation is critical. That is why at the heart of our data solutions are personal feedback reports. Every person who completes the questionnaire receives a comprehensive feedback report, supporting them to understand what they personally need for their own wellbeing.



Hot spots and local team actioning

In every team and group, unique pressures exist. With our cultural approach, we equip local teams, managers, and division leaders with comprehensive data and insights to drive meaningful action around wellbeing. Our client solutions offer multiple reporting and convenient data access options. Needless to say, reporting at this level is vital for building a culture of health, wellness, and peak performance.



Setting strategic action

Unlock a deeper understanding of your organisation’s health, wellbeing and performance by harnessing the power of our data and insights. You gain unparalleled visibility into the intricate dynamics of employee wellness; you’ll understand the precise levels of health and wellbeing within your workforce, shedding light on the pressures they face and how these factors directly influence key business metrics. Armed with this knowledge, you can implement targeted strategies to influence employee wellbeing; the insights empower you to make informed decisions to build a thriving work environment for your employees.

“Robertson Cooper is at the cutting edge of wellbeing measurement and research, and with their approach, grounded in academia, we are confident we have been able to get an accurate baseline of where we are, understand where our risks and opportunities are, and build a five-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities.”


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