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Wellbeing Survey data and people analytics

Good data comes from good questions.

Wellbeing Measurement

Robertson Cooper was founded by two of the most pre-eminent Professors in Organisational Psychology, so the validated questions at the heart of our surveys stem from decades of leading academic research. Everything we ask is designed to unravel the mystery of what helps and hinders Good Days at Work for your employees. Our core survey questions develop a full diagnostic of your workforce, examining:

  • Resilience – are people running on empty?
  • Pressure sources – what causes pressure in your workplaces?
  • Engagement – are employees motivated to put in their best effort?
  • Physical health – are colleagues experiencing stress-related physical symptoms?
  • Mental health – how prevalent are symptoms of poor mental health?
  • Psychological wellbeing – do people feel positive about their work? Does it give them a sense of purpose?

We connect your results to the outcomes that matter to your business, providing validated measures of...



How is it impacted by the pressure and demands of your workplaces and the health of your employees?


Intention to leave

Do people want to leave? What’s driving that desire?



Do employees advocate your business? If not, why not?


Good Days at Work

What constitutes a Good Day at Work? What proportion of people experience them?

And good data drives real change.

Through insightful questions and specialist analysis, we make clear how you can have the biggest impact on wellbeing and performance. Here are some examples…

Improving NPS

A survey asking employees of Company A whether they would recommend it as a place to work revealed that almost two-thirds of employees aren’t company advocates. Analysis of the results finds there are five major causes driving NPS. By addressing these five areas, Company A is likely to see a significant change in its NPS.

  1. Lack of job enjoyment
  2. Not enough support from others (boss/colleagues)
  3. Ideas/suggestions about the job not listened to
  4. Not involved in decisions affecting their jobs
  5. Lack of information about what is happening within the organisation
NET Promoter Score NPS
Mental health scores

Boosting mental health

Is work the source of poor mental health? It certainly can be. But to understand the underlying causes requires expert insight.
In Company B, analysis of an employee survey identifies that confidence, job enjoyment and work-life balance account for 37% of the reported scores for mental health.

If Company B is serious about improving the mental health of its employees, it can make the biggest difference by positively influencing these three key drivers.

Our industry-leading Wellbeing Survey.

  • Multilingual core questions and personalised reports
  • Benchmarked against our exclusive General Working Population and High-Performing Norm groups
  • Online dashboards to interrogate your results
  • Unlimited, auto-generated group reports, sliced and filtered as you choose
  • Fully GDPR compliant and Cyber Essentials certified

"Robertson Cooper is at the cutting edge of wellbeing measurement and research-

-and with their approach, grounded in academia, we are confident we have been able to get an accurate baseline of where we are, understand where our risks and opportunities are, and build a five-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities.”


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