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We think technology’s great. Thanks to intelligent tech, we’re able to help more organisations than ever before.

We use its power to gather, calculate and interrogate wellbeing data in innovative ways, discovering new connections between actions and outcomes. But, sometimes, there’s still no substitute for human knowledge and experience – especially when interpreting the mental health and wellbeing of other humans.

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"The Board have been extremely complimentary about your presentation and impressed overall with the partnership with Robertson Cooper. May I thank you personally and if you could kindly convey our gratitude to the whole team, particularly those behind the scenes who we might know or see and have supported us throughout the process, it will be greatly appreciated."


When we work with you, our approach is based on proper, published research by the brightest academic brains in the business. Our skilled team of Business Psychologists and Analysts help you understand the story behind your data and learn what to do with it next. And your dedicated project team supports you in figuring out the best questions to ask, communicates engagingly with your workforce, and makes evidence-backed recommendations about where and how to improve your workplace wellbeing.

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Robertson Cooper’s wellbeing measurement isn’t just an algorithm; it’s grounded in the expertise and thoughtfulness of real people.

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