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Unlock the potential of your managers and drive positive change within your teams. Introducing the Team & Manager Gateway—an innovative and comprehensive approach to measuring and enhancing wellbeing. By leveraging the power of your managers and providing them with actionable data, we empower them to become catalysts for team wellbeing.


Team & Manager Gateway

Empower Managers and Transform Team Wellbeing

With the Team & Manager Gateway, traditional surveys take a backseat as you embark on a journey of purposeful wellbeing conversations. Managers play a pivotal role in fostering a supportive work environment, and this gateway equips them with the tools and insights they need to lead their teams towards better wellbeing outcomes. It’s time to transform the way you approach wellbeing measurement and empower your managers to make a real difference.


Equipping Managers for Success: Tools and Insights for Team Wellbeing

Managers are at the forefront of driving team performance and fostering a positive work environment. The Team & Manager Gateway recognises the pivotal role they play and provides them with the necessary support to excel. By choosing this route to wellbeing measurement, you empower your managers with the tools, knowledge, and actionable insights they need to enhance team wellbeing and drive high performance.

The gateway equips managers with a personalised Team Talk report, enabling them to conduct purposeful wellbeing conversations with their teams. It goes beyond traditional surveys by delivering comprehensive and objective data directly to managers. Armed with this information, managers can identify necessary actions for wellbeing within their teams and implement targeted strategies that address specific challenges. By elevating your managers’ capabilities in wellbeing management, you create a culture of care and support that resonates throughout the organisation.

Team Talk Report

The Team Talk report

The Power of the Team Talk Report: Driving Cultural Transformation

The Team Talk report is a game-changer in driving cultural transformation within your organisation. It is the key to unlocking the full potential of your managers and teams. This insightful report, delivered to managers once their team members complete the Good Day at Work questionnaire, provides a detailed analysis of the drivers of wellbeing and performance within their teams.

Team Talk offers managers a comprehensive understanding of their team’s wellbeing landscape, highlighting areas of strength and areas that require attention. It provides them with full explanations of critical aspects of employee wellbeing and offers guidance, tips, and recommendations for improvement. The report serves as a catalyst for meaningful wellbeing conversations, empowering managers to engage their teams in open dialogues and drive positive change.

The report also enables benchmarking against our General Working Population, and once you have sufficient data for your own benchmark, we will provide a comparative analysis so that managers can gauge how their team measures up against others in the organisation. This fosters a sense of healthy competition and encourages continuous improvement. With support from Robertson Cooper, managers can navigate obstacles, receive guidance, and ensure effective communication between managers and employees.

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