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Core Questions

Unveiling the Power of Our Wellbeing Questionnaire for Employee Health and Happiness

At Robertson Cooper, we’ve revolutionised employee wellbeing through our unique and comprehensive wellbeing questionnaire. Unlike other providers, we go the extra mile by incorporating a set of validated and academically peer-reviewed scales into our questions. With our innovative approach, we shed light on the intricate landscape of employee health and wellbeing, helping you uncover the true factors that influence their Good Days at Work.

At the heart of our Good Day at Work approach lies a set of core questions that make a real difference. Developed by our founders, Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson, these questions encompass validated and peer-reviewed scales, providing you with valuable data insights tailored to your specific business needs. Together, we select the most appropriate measures for your organisation, ensuring that we address critical issues and drive positive outcomes.

Wellbeing Drivers

Discovering the DRIVERS for Good Days at Work

Our core questions encompass the key drivers that shape the quality of employees’ work experiences. Through our questionnaire, we delve into vital aspects that impact workplace wellbeing:




Explore the resilience levels of your workforce and assess the effectiveness of their resilience strategies.




Understand the sources of pressure in your workplace, ensuring that pressure becomes a positive force.




Evaluate the mental and physical health of your employees to nurture a thriving workforce.




Measure the commitment of your employees and the motivational environment within your organisation.




Uncover the genuine sense of purpose and fulfilment employees feel about their work.




Assess the foundational elements of wellbeing such as sleep, nutrition, exercise, and stress management habits.

Business level OUTCOMES

Our wellbeing questionnaire doesn’t stop at understanding the drivers; it also unveils the powerful outcomes that impact your organisation:

  • GOOD DAYS AT WORK: Quantify the number of Good Days at Work experienced by your employees with a standardised index score.
  • INTENTION TO LEAVE: Predict attrition rates by measuring the desire of employees to stay within your organisation.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Enhance business performance by evaluating the productivity levels of your workforce.
  • ADVOCACY: Measure employees’ likelihood to recommend your organisation as an exceptional place to work.
  • ABSENTEEISM: Identify absenteeism levels and uncover the underlying causes to drive impactful solutions.
  • PRESENTEEISM: Detect instances of presenteeism, ensuring a healthy and engaged workforce.

Measure What Matters

Measure What Matters

Experience the transformative power of our wellbeing questionnaire, as we bring clarity to employee health and wellbeing. With validated and peer-reviewed scales, personalised insights, and a holistic approach, we empower your organisation to create a positive work environment. Join us on this exciting journey towards happier, healthier, and more productive days at work. Together, we’ll unlock the true potential of your workforce.

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