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Create Good Days At Work
Here at Robertson Cooper we believe there is nothing more important than investing in the health and wellbeing of employees to create more good days at work. Healthier, happier people can do great things. It’s simple - a business filled with happier people having good days at work is a better business.

So we’ve made it our mission to create more good days at work for everyone, everywhere.

Building on the world-renowned thinking of our Founding Directors, Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Ivan Robertson we’ve developed a system for managing workplace health and psychological wellbeing. And it’s based around one single, powerful and accessible idea of having a ‘Good Day At Work™’ - an idea that everyone from ‘shop floor’ to ‘top floor’ can buy into and get excited about.

We partner with clients to help them build the capability and culture they need to manage this business critical aspect of working life. From helping you engage the business with wellbeing, through creating the mindset and conditions for good days, to designing-in and measuring long lasting impact: we’re here to help you succeed.

- We’ll partner with you, starting where you start – and we’ll help you to build wellbeing into your people strategy for the long-term. We’ll listen to the challenges you’re facing and help you create an approach that unlocks them.

- We understand that your employees are real people, with different values, goals and mindsets. We can help you capture their attention and get them ready to change health behaviour, whatever their readiness to engage with wellbeing.

- We’ll support you to demystify wellbeing by making it a subject that’s ‘ok’ to talk about and by providing a common language that makes it part of everyday working life, for everyone.

- We’re about impact, not ‘box-ticking’ - whether it’s small, quick changes in the short term or implementing a whole wellbeing strategy, we’ll be there to support your efforts and help you show real impact.

- We’ll connect you with the wider wellbeing conversation via our Good Day at Work™ community of clients, partners, employees and the thousands of people who have bought into our mission of creating more good days at work.

We understand how hard it is get your people to feel happy, healthy and connected to your business for the long term. And our experience tells us that every business is different in terms of goals and starting points when it comes to getting wellbeing right.

Come and talk to us to find out how we can help you create more good days at work, as we are doing with many leading organisations.

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