Robertson Cooper in the media

Professor Sir Cary Cooper’s life-long commitment to the science of health and wellbeing means he is in the top 1% of influential Occupational Psychologists in the world, and he has relentlessly continued to offer his expertise during the Coronavirus pandemic. You can view a sample of the contributions he has made over the last few weeks in the press below.

‘It’s a double whammy, you have lost your purpose’ – workers struggle with coronavirus furlough. – The Telegraph

Cary comments on the impact of millions of employees being placed on government-funded paid leave.

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Unemployment during coronavirus: The psychology of job loss – BBC

“Individuals can psychologically blame the pandemic rather than themselves,” Cary says. “But [what] might follow is that organisations may realise, the longer this goes on, that they don’t need as many people. That is, that technology could replace many. That will be the biggest fear and longer term consequence.”

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Coronavirus Timeline: How The World Will Change Over The Next 18 Months – Esquire

Whether the Coronavirus pandemic lasts for two months or two years, Cary comments on how the way that we live and work will be altered irrevocably.

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Professor Sir Cary Cooper’s five-point plan for turning your home into your office – Savills

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Parents’ stress levels spike as pandemic drags on – Axios

“This situation will have its mental health implications, and the longer it goes on, the worse it’s going to get,” said Cary.

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Why does gardening feel so good? The physical and mental health benefits of being outdoors explained – Derbyshire Live

Cary comments on how the nationwide lockdown has inspired a surge of gardening activity.

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Keeping your employees motivated, connected and mentally healthy – GM Business Connect

It’s essential for managers to ensure their teams feel both connected and motivated to drive the business forward during times of crisis. Business leaders should look to motivate their employees in the following way…

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Best stress relief tools to help keep anxiety at bay – Mirror

Cary shares his top 10 stress-busting suggestions.

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Managing Teams through the Covid-19 Crisis – British Academy of Management

A webinar discussing how to manage work to an extent which does not impact our home time, how we enable our community to re-connect effectively and how it is now more important to have a better understanding of team perspectives.

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Support is continuing at Robertson Cooper

We have been working hard to maintain some continuity in supporting employee mental health & wellbeing in organisations, as it is now more important than ever. We now have a range of virtual workshops, webinars and tools that can support your employee wellbeing, despite the current limitations and barriers.

If you’re at the point where you’re ready to think about your mental health and wellbeing response to recent events, please get in touch below.