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Wellbeing Survey data and people analytics

Everyone’s starting point is different. That’s why our training is never off the shelf and always delivers insights personalised to the individual.

Through fun, interactive and practical training delivered in a mix of formats, we take the big, complicated topic of workplace mental health and wellbeing and make it relevant and straightforward for delegates. Wellbeing and resilience training from Robertson Cooper encourages collective, collaborative responsibility for the benefit of every individual and your organisation. Using robust wellbeing science and personal reports for every delegate, we equip your people with the knowledge and skills to care for their wellbeing whatever their specific needs.

With over twenty years’ experience working with some of the world’s top brands, we also know how to produce sustainable results that justify your investment which is why all the training we deliver comes with full pre and post course evaluation, so you can be sure just how much difference you’ve made.

Our wellbeing training workshops

Energy Management

Exhaustion and fatigue are common complaints in today’s demanding work environments, so it’s little wonder that many of us report consistently depleted energy levels. This programme is designed to help your employees pay attention to, and be in control of, their own energy levels. Starting with the basics of human wellbeing, we bring together the key aspects of energy management to give your people the tools they need to bring the energy back.

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Personal Resilience

We show true psychological resilience when we’re able to draw on tried and tested mental processes and behaviours to protect our mental health and wellbeing from stressors that threaten it. We all do this naturally to some extent, but our resilience training is designed to take your employees to the next level, to build on their natural strengths and give them the tools to bounce back healthy from adversity, high pressure and stressful change.

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Stay Ahead of Stress

Part of staying healthy and drawing wisely on resilience is understanding what threatens our mental health and wellbeing at work. 1 in 3 people say their work is stressful, and this programme helps participants to know when to pay attention to their energy and when to apply their resilience strategies. The result? Employees who are quicker to respond and faster to recover when they experience setbacks and pressure.

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Hybrid Working

Our hybrid working training session helps to reset the psychological contract to ensure productivity, performance and retention remain on track, as the shift many organisations are taking to a hybrid working model brings new challenges and new pressures. How do we ensure that people can still have a Good Day at Work as they adapt to the new patterns, habits and ways of doing their work?

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personal reports

A personal journey for every employee.

Our flagship personal report, iResilience, is one of the only validated and robust measures of resilience specifically for the workplace; it’s what sets us apart. The iResilience model forms the spine of our resilience training programmes, delivering employees a completely personalised journey to build their own resilience across the four key resilience strategies.

Wellbeing Snapshot provides a detailed analysis of their current wellbeing, benchmarked against the general working population, and encourages ownership of personal mental health and wellbeing.

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“The session managed to balance really specific, personal insight whilst keeping the whole group engaged and interested. Everyone felt comfortable to share and we were pushed to be honest and self-reflective, which was very positive - focusing on our own individual areas for development and the practical tips for improving these.”