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Creating Good Days at Work matters. But it’s about so much more than free coffee and gym memberships.

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Workplace mental health and wellbeing is an intricate, multi-stranded issue to untangle - let’s untangle it together.

Before we’d even uttered the word ‘pandemic’, mental health and wellbeing at work had already reached a tipping point: in the UK, stress is the number one cause of staff absence with over 12 million days lost each year – and rising. The cost, both human and organisational, is a call to action for all employers. The best leaders already know this and have been investing in the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce for years.

The problem is it isn’t working. However well-intentioned, disconnected campaigns and initiatives don’t generate lasting cultural impact or meaningful ROI. They don’t embed wellbeing in the way the organisation does business. Robertson Cooper builds and delivers a sustainable approach to workplace wellbeing for global clients; approaches that stand the test of time.

0 days were lost to stress last year

“At Robertson Cooper, our vision is to create more Good Days at Work. Because we believe that by addressing mental health and wellbeing holistically, strategically and with scientific rigour, employers can unlock the true potential of their workforce.”


More than two decades of experience and some of the brightest, most pioneering minds in the field have shaped our unique, evidence-based and integrated approach to mental health and wellbeing at work. As a result, we’re trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to build multifaceted wellbeing strategies, underpinned by measurement, and deliver performance-driven training solutions.

We’ve developed powerful metrics that help you understand where your organisation’s at right now – and where it’s headed. We realise the critical importance of building capability across the business and then empowering your managers and employees to take charge of their wellbeing and have the difficult conversations that often get avoided. And we recognise the need to communicate positive messages and actions wherever your teams may be – from head office to home office – so we nurture networks of trained managers and Wellbeing Champions to make sure your strategy and support offering sticks.

Our joined-up approach ensures you’re investing in your organisation’s future – whatever it holds – not just firefighting today’s challenges.

“Standalone interventions aren’t doing enough, despite the investment thrown at them. With Robertson Cooper, you can create positive cultural change in the ever-evolving working landscape that boosts creativity, lifts productivity and cultivates a workforce of brand advocates proud to shout about you as their employer.”