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Case Studies

Real Stories, Real Results: Client Case Studies

Explore the real-world experiences of our clients who have achieved remarkable results in employee wellbeing and performance. From increased engagement to sustainable productivity gains, our success stories demonstrate the transformative impact of our tailored strategies, solutions and data-driven insights. Dive into these stories to uncover why leading organisations choose us as their trusted partner.

Network Rail

Learn how Network Rail partnered with Robertson Cooper to establish a baseline for employee health and wellbeing, shaping their 10-year strategy. Explore the positive impact on employee engagement and business outcomes...

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Travis Perkins

Discover how Travis Perkins leveraged our comprehensive wellbeing survey to transform their employee experience. Learn how data-driven insights helped them develop targeted strategies, enhance wellbeing at all levels, and achieve tangible results...

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South Cambridgeshire District Council

Discover how South Cambridgeshire District Council partnered with Robertson Cooper to successfully implement a 4-day working week trial. Explore the positive impact on employee performance, wellbeing, and retention...

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South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

Discover how South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust enhanced employee engagement, reduced stress-related sickness absence, and created a culture of care by partnering with Robertson Cooper...

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Learn how Nestlé, the world's largest food and beverage company, partnered with Robertson Cooper to prioritise employee wellbeing. Discover how they gathered a wellbeing baseline, built line manager capability, and achieved impressive results...

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United Learning

Explore how United Learning, a group of 70+ schools, partnered with Robertson Cooper to elevate staff wellbeing. Discover their strategic approach, impactful goals, and pioneering solutions that led to remarkable results in staff engagement, sickness absence reduction, and academic performance...

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“Robertson Cooper is at the cutting edge of wellbeing measurement and research, and with their approach, grounded in academia, we are confident we have been able to get an accurate baseline of where we are, understand where our risks and opportunities are, and build a five-year strategy that supports both our people and our business priorities.”