Activate a network of Wellbeing Champions

A Wellbeing Champion is a volunteer within your organisation who is set up, supported and skilled to:

  • Focus attention on your wellbeing agenda
  • Champion and deliver a range of positive wellbeing activities in line with your wellbeing agenda
  • Spot signs and symptoms of people who may not be coping and intervene with skilled wellbeing conversations
  • Understand the resources that are available to people in your organisation (such as EAPs, counselling services, HR policies) and signpost and support people to access them when appropriate

Having Wellbeing Champions in your organisation can be a smart, effective and sustainable way to locally drive the wellbeing agenda of your organisation.

said  local ambassadors play a key role in supporting a culture of wellbeing in their organisation.

(Working well: a global survey of workforce wellbeing strategies report, by Xerox HR Services, 2016)

Activating a network of Wellbeing Champions provides the energy, outreach and consistency that you need to kick-start your wellbeing activity and bring your strategy to life.

We’ve worked with a number of clients in this area and in doing so we’ve refined solutions so that we can offer a simple range of support for organisations who are interested in creating and managing a champions network.

Read how we supported Crossrail to develop their Wellbeing Champions Network.

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What does this deliver for your organisation?

Wellbeing Champions, if skilled and supported, can truly embed your wellbeing activity across the business and ensure that the tools and resources available to your employees are utilised.

Ultimately, Wellbeing Champions can act as a preventative measure that organisations can easily and quickly implement to mitigate the risks of stress and poor mental health in the workplace, while also being a force for creating more Good Days at Work.

Your Wellbeing Ambassadors or Champions are your eyes and ears, they’re out on the ground activating your wellbeing strategy and making sure it truly lives – these guys are banging the wellbeing drum and speaking to those hard to reach populations that often don’t, or can’t engage.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper
Founding Director, Robertson Cooper

How can we support you?

One day course

Wellbeing Champions Activation Day

This one-day course is available for your Wellbeing Champion volunteers and offers the basic upskilling required to start creating some visibility and attention to wellbeing in your organisation.

The activation day is delivered by a Robertson Cooper Wellbeing Specialist and offers the following outcomes for delegates:

  • The confidence to champion health and wellbeing in the organisation with a series of activities and initiatives
  • The skills to create mini-campaigns to raise awareness of different health topics
  • The ability to signpost and encourage access to health support and resources with Wellbeing Conversations

Our one-day activation programme looks to kick-start your Champions Network into promoting and supporting your health and wellbeing campaigns while also giving them the skills and confidence to have meaningful and practical wellbeing conversations.

The outline of the day is as follows:

  • Clarification of the roles and responsibilities of a Wellbeing Champion – what it is and what it is not.
  • Health campaigning and promotion – how to create a successful health campaign for maximum engagement.
  • Wellbeing Conversations – the power of the conversation in line with the roles and responsibilities of a Wellbeing Champion.
  • Group action planning and commitments.

Further support

Ensure the success of your Wellbeing Champions

Some clients require further support in terms of set up, development and providing structure around on-going check-ins, as well as measuring the impact of your Wellbeing Champions. In addition to our Wellbeing Champions Activation Day, our managed service offers support with:

  • Creation and definition of the role of the Champion
  • Recruitment of Wellbeing Champions
  • Creating consistent standards and language around health and wellbeing
  • Resources and toolkits to enable Champions to activate wellbeing
  • Webinar check-ins to provide focused support on specific subject areas & capture feedback, progress and activity
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Annual summary report – results and recommendations for next steps
Creating more good days at work with wellbeing champions cover.


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