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Unlock more Good Days at Work with a network of Wellbeing Champions.

Banging the drum

Your Wellbeing Champions are your eyes and ears, they’re out on the ground activating your wellbeing strategy and making sure it truly lives.

As an upskilled volunteer within your organisation, Wellbeing Champions focus attention on your wellbeing agenda and deliver a range of positive wellbeing activities in line with your strategy. They spot signs and symptoms of people who may not be coping and intervene with skilled wellbeing conversations, and they understand the resources that are available to people in your organisation (such as EAPs, counselling services, HR policies) and signpost and support employees to access them when appropriate.

Ultimately, Wellbeing Champions can act as a preventative measure that your organisation can easily and quickly deploy to mitigate the risks of stress and poor mental health in the workplace, while also being a force for creating more Good Days at Work.

"Building, developing and training a Wellbeing Champions network is playing an important part in our wellbeing approach. There’s no point in having a cohesive strategy with lots of engaging activities if no one knows about it or is engaged enough to take part. Robertson Cooper’s approach has enabled us to get out there and make some noise around wellbeing – creating the interest and energy that any wellbeing approach needs."


Activation day course

Our one-day course is available for your Wellbeing Champion volunteers and offers the basic upskilling required to start creating some visibility and attention to wellbeing in your organisation. The activation day is delivered by a Robertson Cooper Wellbeing Specialist and offers the following outcomes for delegates.


The confidence to champion health and wellbeing in the organisation with a series of activities and initiatives.


The skills to create mini-campaigns to raise awareness of different health topics.


The ability to signpost and encourage access to health support and resources with wellbeing conversations.

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