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Our training approach

Developing mental health and wellbeing means nurturing the right workplace culture. One that is characterised by Good Days at Work.

Encouraging your people to take control of their day-to-day health is a fundamental ingredient of a high-performing health and wellbeing culture. But it’s tricky to get right – be too hands-on, and you risk disengaging staff; be too hands-off, and you simply add another task to employees’ to-do lists.

Mental health, wellbeing and personal resilience training from Robertson Cooper encourages collective, collaborative responsibility for the benefit of every individual and your organisation. Using robust wellbeing science and personal reports for every delegate, we equip your people with the knowledge and skills to care for their wellbeing – whatever their specific needs.

Are you ready to unlock more Good Days at Work? Explore our training programmes today.


Everyone’s starting point is different. That’s why our training is never off-the-shelf and always delivers insights personalised to the individual. Through fun, interactive and practical training delivered in a mix of formats, we take the big, complicated topic of workplace mental health and wellbeing and make it relevant and straightforward for delegates.

With over twenty years’ experience working with some of the world’s top brands, we also know how to produce sustainable results that justify your investment which is why all the training we deliver comes with full pre- and post-course evaluation, so you can be sure just how much difference you’ve made.

Get the message out

A broadcast session for large groups (up to 500) to start the journey, standardise the message and create awareness around the key aspects of wellbeing and resilience. (60 minute webinar)

Build the toolkit

Bitesize virtual learning for small groups (up to 20) mixing insights, active reflections and practical techniques in the fundamental topics of mental health, wellbeing and resilience. (90 minute virtual workshop)

Interact and learn

An immersive, interactive and personalised virtual learning experience for small groups (up to 20), full of practical tips and techniques. (180 minute virtual workshop)

Immerse and examine

Face-to-face training for small groups (up to 15), is available for all of our programmes, packed with exploration and discussion alongside practical tips and techniques. (½ day or full day workshop)

Our personal resilience training programme helps your employees navigate their unique wellbeing journeys so your organisation can soar.