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Personal Resilience Training


Resilience Training

Our resilience training programme puts personal resilience firmly on the agenda. We show true psychological resilience when we’re able to draw on tried and tested mental processes and behaviours to protect our mental health and wellbeing from stressors that threaten it.

We all do this naturally to some extent, but our Personal Resilience training programme is designed to take your people to the next level; to build on their natural strengths and give them the tools to bounce back healthily from adversity, high pressure and stressful change.

Our resilience training is also available in a Train the Trainer format. Enquire today or download our training pack below.

Training delivery options

60 Minute Broadcast

Put personal resilience on the agenda. Help your people understand what resilience is and how they can grow and maintain it – allowing them to thrive in the workplace.

  • Learn about the factors that influence our resilience levels
  • Gain insights into how they can build and develop their resilience over time
  • Includes a personal iResilience report for every delegate

90 Minute Virtual Workshop

Help your people understand what drives resilience, reflect on their own personal resilience and identify areas where they can benefit from developing resilience strategies.

  • Be introduced to the iResilience model which outlines the four key resilience strategies and how they can be actively developed
  • Actively reflect on their personalised iResilience report and gain practical tips and techniques for building their resilience across the four strategies.
  • Make plans for putting their learning into action
  • Includes a personal iResilience report for every delegate

180 Minute Virtual Workshop

This longer, deep dive session has been designed to maximise personalisation and build on your people’s natural strengths to create lasting impact.

  • Understand the role of workplace pressures on their levels of performance and wellbeing, and identify how high levels of pressure impact on them personally
  • Learn what we do and don’t mean by resilience and explore the factors that influence our resilience levels
  • Exercises, discussions and challenges are provided to strengthen their personal resilience, along with detailed tips and techniques to build resilience across the four resilience strategies
  • Includes a personal iResilience report for every delegate

Face to Face

We know that there are times when only in-person training and support will do. Face-to-face training for small groups is available for our Personal Resilience programme.

  • Packed with exploration and discussion alongside practical tips and techniques
  • Full day or half day workshops available
  • Enquire today to discuss your requirements


“The session managed to balance really specific, personal insight whilst keeping the whole group engaged and interested. Everyone felt comfortable to share and we were pushed to be honest and self-reflective, which was very positive - focusing on our own individual areas for development and the practical tips for improving these.”


“I need to remember to question if I am looking after myself too. As a line manager I tend to forget about me and just focus on looking out for my team. The course reminded me that we all need to be energised before we do anything - and actually I will be better able to support my team if I am more energised and resilient myself.”


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