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Say goodbye to guesswork. Get the full measure of mental health and wellbeing with the best organisational health check there is.


Good data

The data we provide always has a purpose: generating powerful, actionable insight into the critical factors that encourage or stifle good mental health and wellbeing in your workplace.

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Personal reports

We know that everyone has a stake in creating their own Good Days at Work, so as soon as they complete the online questionnaire, every employee receives a personalised report.

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The human touch

Our skilled team of Business Psychologists and Analysts help you understand the story behind your data and make evidence-backed recommendations about how to improve workplace wellbeing.

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Good mental health and wellbeing are vital for happy, fulfilled and high-performing employees to drive a successful organisation. But how do you gauge your workplace wellbeing if you don’t track its ups and downs?

At Robertson Cooper, we know that accurate and insightful measurement is the cornerstone of all good wellbeing strategies, so we make it easy to achieve across your entire organisation.

Our exclusive, industry-leading platform is the culmination of our decades of research and experience in the field. Crucially, as well as giving you a detailed view of employee and organisational health, it also identifies the drivers behind the findings, meaning you learn what’s influencing workplace wellbeing – and how to improve it.

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We offer much more than the basic numbers-on-a-page of a standard survey.

Our purpose is to help you understand how to give your employees more Good Days at Work – itself a measurable concept – and achieve the best for your workforce and performance.

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With our deep insight, you can take evidence-based actions that boost and maintain positive employee wellbeing right across your organisation.

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Everything you need to create Good Days at Work

By marrying the simplicity of a survey with leading academic research, purposeful data and an experienced team, we create personalised, practical and action-orientated insight that empowers employees and leaders to nurture positive wellbeing.

To make a real difference to employee mental health and wellbeing, it’s vital to go beyond short-term, narrowly focused initiatives. Using Robertson Cooper’s Good Day at Work platform, our detailed, holistic data allows you to pinpoint strategic actions that generate genuine impact across your workforce.

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